Dino-tastic Weekend

2 February 2012 by Alison Cornmell

If you’re looking for something different to do this weekend, look no further than World Museum.

To tie in with the current exhibition Age of the Dinosaur there is a jam-packed weekend of dinosaur themed events, talks and activities.

On Saturday from 11.30am – 4.30pm the whole family can have their picture taken with a dinosaur! Using green screen technology your picture will be superimposed onto a picture of a fearsome dino! (Prints will be priced at £2 or free on production of a ticket bought that day for the Age of the Dinosaur).

And throughout the weekend you can explore dinosaur digestion and find out how the biggest animals ever to walk on land digested their dinners.

Ever asked yourself who’d win in a fight, a T. rex or a Spinosaurus? With a new generation of giant killer dinosaurs being discovered you can weigh up the evidence and work out which of these super predators would have come out on top in a battle of titans.

You can also listen to experts give talks from 3pm on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday’s talk, entitled Digging for Dinosaurs in Hell Creek will be given by Dr Phil Manning from University of Manchester and Sunday’s talk given by Dean Lomax from Doncaster Museum who will talk about Extinct Marine Reptiles.

As you can see, it’ll be dino crazy so why not come along and for a full timetable of what’s happening click here.

A dinosaur peers out of the door

Are you ready for a fun-filled dino weekedn? He is!

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