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15 February 2012 by Rebecca

Picture of Titanic

Can you help us put a face to a Liverpool related Titanic passenger? Victor Giglio was a first class passenger on the ill-fated liner and we’d like to find more information and a photo of this victim of the disaster.

 Victor was valet to American multi-millionaire Ben Guggenheim and the two men deliberately dressed in evening clothes as the huge liner slowly sank. Ben, closely attended by Victor, was heard to say: “We’ve dressed up in our best and are prepared to go down like gentlemen.”

Ian Murphy, curator of maritime history, says: “There are about a dozen individuals and families called Giglio in the Merseyside area. Very little is known of Victor’s early life and we would like to find out more.

“So far our researches have drawn a blank but we are hoping there are descendents of Victor Giglio still in the area although he left as a small child. We know that he had several brothers who may have settled here and have relatives.”

Anyone who can help is asked to contact or ring 0151 478 4417.

The exhibition Titanic and Liverpool: the untold story opens at Merseyside Maritime Museum on 30 March 2012.

  1. Becca Black says:

    Victor Giglio appears in the 1891 census living at 22 Linnet Lane, Liverpool. His father and 3 brothers (Richard 14, Harold 12, Edgar 9) are listed, however Richard and Harold are also listed at Ampleforth public school at the same time. In 1901 only Victor is listed and he is by then a pupil at Ampleforth. The 1891 census states that the whole family apart from Victor were born in Egypt, however the Ampleforth census has the 2 boys down as born in Malta. This link to an article on Encyclopaedia Titanica website giving an account of Guggenheim & Giglio’s death states that he was Guggenheim’s secretary, rather than valet, and that seems more likely in view of his public school education?

  2. Rebecca Watkin, curator says:

    Hi Becca, many thanks for your very interesting and helpful reply. Yes I agree with his position as secretary rather than valet. At the moment i’m writing about Victor and how before Titanic sank he and Mr Guggenheim changed into their finest evening wear- very poignant. I didn’t know that he had three brothers. The crew and passengers are an important part of the ‘Titanic and Liverpool: the untold story’ exhibition. Please do visit the exhibition, many thanks again.
    Rebecca Watkin, curator.

  3. djaye says:

    Of the three brothers-I believe Harold Giglio died young around 1896/98 and that Edgar and Richard were electrical engineers, a couple of patents taken out in their names. The brothers place of birth is alternatively given as Egypt and they seem to have maintained their links with that country.
    Harold appears to have died in London in 1971 so perhaps his descendants will be in London rather than Liverpool?

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