White Star Line ship models- new display

13 February 2012 by Rebecca

Photo of Ben Whittaker, curator, with ship models in background

Ben Whittaker and the new ship models display.

Ben Whittaker, Curator of Port History tells us about a new display in the Merseyside Maritime Museum:-
It’s not long now until our eagerly awaited new Titanic exhibition opens.  But to wet the appetite, you can see a new display about Titanic’s owners the White Star Line.  The display features six beautiful White Star Line ship models from our ship model collection, and is the first time that they have been displayed together.  The detail on some of these models is extraordinary, and they have been lovingly cleaned and restored by our Ship and Historic Models Conservators.  The models include:
– Oceanic (I), 1871.  Oceanic was the first ship made for Thomas Ismay’s White Star Line, and was built by Harland and Wolff.  She is generally considered to have been the forerunner of the modern luxury liner.
– Magnetic, 1891.  Magnetic was a tender vessel used on the Mersey to transfer goods and passengers between the Liverpool landing stage and large White Star Line passenger ships like Teutonic and Majestic.
– RMS Cedric, 1903.  Cedric was the second of White Star’s famous ‘big four’ liners completed between 1901-1907.  These were the immediate predecessors of the ‘Olympic class’ liners of 1911-1915, which included Titanic.  This model is over three and a half metres long, and it was a challenge to get it into the building and installed in the display case!
The  display can be found in the second floor Art and the Sea gallery at the Merseyside Maritime Museum. Titanic and Liverpool: the untold story exhibition opens 30th March 2012.

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