Titanic & Liverpool: the untold story- first object installed

15 March 2012 by Rebecca

4 handling team members lifting a large ship's bell

The handling and transport team with the Britannic Bell.

I’m really exited to announce that the Britannic (III) bell was the first object to be installed for the exhibition. I met with our handling and transport team Monday morning and it’s always fascinating to watch these guys work. One of main assets within NML is the collections the bold and beautiful items that range from the very small to the very large. The Maritime Museum collections include the pilot cutter Edmund Gardner – the largest accessioned object in National Museums Liverpool – as well as delicate paper items from our archives.

The logistics involved in handling and transporting this wide range of objects is just one of the important behind the scenes jobs involved in museum and art gallery work.

The Britannic Bell will be displayed in the ‘Living On’ section of the exhibition.  The significance of the Britannic (III) bell is that the ship which was built in 1930 was the last to sail under White Star Line colours. Together with the Georgic, both ships were the last to be built before the company was finally merged with Cunard in 1934. You can follow exhibition news on our Twitter account @MerseyMaritime and the Merseyside Maritime Museum facebook page.

Titanic and Liverpool: the untold story opens 30th March 2012.

Bye for now.

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