A (boat) trip down memory lane

25 July 2012 by Rebecca

A visitor stood next to a red and white speedboat

Barbara Cotton with W13 speedboat Melody. Copyright National Museums Liverpool.

Ben Whittaker, Curator of Port History reports:

A recent visit to the Maritime Museum for Barbara Cotton took her on a boat trip down memory lane. Barbara was delighted to see the Melody speedboat that is displayed in the museum foyer.  Melody was raced locally off New Brighton with Wallasey Power Boat and Ski Club, and Barbara’s father was also a member and owned a very similar boat.  The museum was delighted to receive a copy of some home movies Barbara has of her father and other Club members racing boats off New Brighton from the late 1950’s to early 1970’s.  The films are fascinating slice of local history, especially of the New Brighton area.  And eagle eyed staff spotted a brief cameo of the Melody speedboat!  

  1. Bob Hughes says:

    Yeoward Brothers pre war liners. Has anyone out there made a modeol of the Avoceta, Alca or Aguila? I plan to make a model of the Avoceta over the next few years. She was my late father’s 1st ship. He sailed in her early 1939 as a 5th engineer, for three trips. I have composite plans from the archive section at Dundee City Council. Alas there is no rigging plan, so i have no idea how the ship was rigged, or how tall the wondeful funnel was.

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