Titanic – a dive into history

16 November 2012 by Sam

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Sean O’Connell climbing out of the submarine after visiting the wreck of the Titanic

Emma Walmsley, education demonstrator at Merseyside Maritime Museum, has news of a rare opportunity to find out more about the mysterious Titanic:

A real treat for Titanic fans – on Saturday 1 December at the Maritime Museum we’re really lucky to have Sean O’Connell talking about his experience of actually diving to the wreck! He will have images of his adventure to share with people and there will also be a chance to ask him questions about his once-in-a-lifetime trip. 

My own experience of working with the story of Titanic sees me trying to put myself in the position of people involved in the disaster and imagine as best as I can the situation as it unfolded for those characters, such as Bruce Ismay’s daughter, Evelyn. Obviously there are no survivors left alive any longer to be able to tell their story first hand, so the role of these performances is even more important in putting across different viewpoints.

What’s so exciting and unique about Sean’s experience is that he has actually been there and seen the real ship for himself! Only a handful of people from across the world can say they have done the same thing – so to be able to hear about such an amazing adventure first-hand is truly rare.

Sean’s talk is at 1.30pm and 3pm on Saturday 1 December at Merseyside Maritime Museum. See the website for full details of the Titanic events programme.

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