Appeal for old football shirts

12 March 2013 by Sam

group of smiling young people

Young people who trained in Capoeira with Daniel on his last visit to Brazil

Here’s an appeal from Vikky Evans Hubbard at the International Slavery Museum:

“Daniel Baird, who runs our fabulous Capoeira Club on Saturday mornings, is off to train in Brazil soon. While he is there he works with groups of young people in the favelas, helping his ‘Mestre’ (master or trainer) train them in Capoeira.

Capoeira teaches discipline, self respect and respect for others as well as elements of self defence, dance, music and African Brazilian cultural identity and is a powerful tool in the fight to keep young people of the favelas off the streets and way from drugs and crime.

Daniel will be visiting a group he has previously trained in the Quinta de Boa Vista e Lapa favela in West Rio and would like to take some gifts for the kids in the ghetto there.

We are wondering if any of you have any old kids or teens size football shirts you don’t want anymore you could donate to them? Especially from North West teams – Liverpool, Everton, Manchester United and others they would possibly have heard of in Rio.

If any of you have any football shirts that have been outgrown or are no longer needed, Daniel and I would be very grateful if you could donate them.

The deadline for any donations is 25th March 2013. Please leave any donations at the information desk in Merseyside Maritime Museum, marked for the attention of Vikky Evans Hubbard. Thank you.”

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