Beth Tweddle cast as a work of art

13 March 2013 by Sam

Beth Tweddle with her sculpture

Olympic gymnast Beth Tweddle doesn’t seem to have stood still since winning a bronze medal at London 2012. She became queen of the ice on Sunday, skating to victory in Dancing on Ice with a breathtaking Bolero. This morning she was back home in Liverpool to unveil a new sculpture, with has literally cast her in a much stiller moment.

The limited edition sculpture, ‘Olympian Series II – Beth Tweddle MBE’, which belongs to a private collector, is on temporary display at the Museum of Liverpool. If you come to see it then do pop upstairs to the Wondrous Place gallery, where there is a Locker Stories display about Beth’s gymnastic career.

Artist Louise Giblin worked closely with Beth to create the sculpture. She was inspired to embed the flag in the design after visiting Beth’s flat and seeing the Union Flag on her doormat, t-shirt and many other items. It was a motif that she carried over to her sculptures of other Olympians. Beth’s sculpture also features scenes of London, including the stadium where she became World Champion in 2009.

At the press call this morning artist Louise presented Beth with her own copy of the sculpture, as a thank you for stripping down and being covered in plaster for a body cast in order to make the sculpture. The casting process required Beth to stand very still, something which she admitted doesn’t come naturally to her!

See more photos from the press call on our Flickr page.

Louise Giblin and Beth Tweddle with the sculpture

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