Battle of the Atlantic weekend

24 May 2013 by Sam

ships in the Albert Dock

View from the top of the Pilotage Building, with ‘HMS Pembroke’ moored in front of Merseyside Maritime Museum

This weekend Liverpool is marking the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic with lots of free events at the waterfront. It has been fantastic watching lots of ships arriving in the docks over the last few days ready to take part.If you have been down at the waterfront you may have noticed the red ensign flag, the flag of the Merchant Navy, flying from the flag pole on top of the Pilotage Building. Maritime Museum staff braved blustery conditions to raise the flag yesterday as a mark of respect for the crucial role the Merchant Navy played in the Battle of the Atlantic. Britain’s merchant fleet were a vital lifeline for the country throughout the Second World War.  You can find out more in the Battle of the Atlantic gallery at the Maritime Museum.There are lots of free events at the Maritime Museum, Museum of Liverpool, Piermaster’s House and the International Slavery Museum over the weekend. Full details are on the River Festival events page on the website.On the website you can also see some special Battle of the Atlantic features, including some lovely drawings of convoys by Rear Admiral Hugh Hext Rogers, incredible rare photographs taken on board ‘HMS Wren’ by Doctor Gordon Canti, and details of how the war affected the Albert Dock.

flags flying above the docksRed ensign flags flying from the roof of the Pilotage Building and the tall ship ‘Pelican’

  1. Richard Lyon says:

    Our two daughters took my wife and I to the Pier Head on Sunday to watch the Anniversary Display and it brought back memories for me. I served as Radar Operator on HMS Magpie.

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