School holiday survival guide

29 July 2013 by Angela

Children in the Walker Art Gallery looking at a painting

The school holidays are here. Six idyllic weeks with your angelic little ones to look forward to… here’s our guide to making the most of the summer, even when their halos slip a little:

Rule 1) Don’t panic.

Rule 2) Put down that remote and step away from the games consoles. Leave the house whenever you can – there’s a world of pirates and Vikings, bhangra and crafts on hand to beat the boredom! Check out our events programme here.

Rule 3) Remember the best things in life are free. Janet and Luther knew what they were talking about. All our events and activities are totally free, including the only free planetarium in the country.

Rule 4) Get some fresh air. Trips to the park, rambles in the forest and visits to the beach are what summer holidays are all about. Why not climb aboard the Edmund Gardner, bring your teddy to one of our picnics or even meet some real-life sniffer dogs?

Rule 5) Educational doesn’t mean boring.  Who hasn’t tried 100 different ways to hide secret vegetables in their child’s tea? Sometimes a bit of mild deception is no bad thing. Shhh don’t tell them but our workshops and activities are concealing some really useful stuff beneath all that fun…

Rule 6) The recent heatwave has spoilt us but when the great British weather returns to form and the heavens relentlessly open, ignore Rules 2 and 4 and log on to our kids’ website to see if you can escape the mummy’s tomb or make your own shadow puppet.

Rule 7) Step away from the golden arches and treat your kids to a proper lunch. Our Sea Urchins menu at the Maritime Dining Rooms will refuel hungry explorers or why not pretend you’re in first class on a great ocean liner and treat your little lords and ladies to a traditional afternoon tea.

Rule 8) Don’t panic

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