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16 August 2013 by Alayna

Two young visitors sitting with a sniffer dog

This week’s star sniffer dog Rodney, with visitors Faye and Alice

Jane Donnelly, Border Force Immigration Officer is on secondment to Seized! The Border and Customs Uncovered. Jane talks about her most recent experience.

“I am a Border Force Officer trained in ‘Legacy Immigration and Customs’ work. I am usually based at Manchester Airport and since the beginning of May 2013 have started a secondment at National Museums Liverpool with the team at Seized! I have been assisting the Curators with ideas for the gallery and shadowing the Education staff, learning how to facilitate sessions for visitors to the museum.

One of my first sessions was on Thursday 1st August which saw the return of the sniffer dogs. A Border Force Dog Handler from Manchester Airport came with her dog Milly who is only 18 months old. They gave public demonstrations throughout the day, which I assisted with. This was a new experience for me and very nerve racking as I have not presented to a large audience before. It was great to see the public’s reaction to Milly especially the children who appeared to be amazed by how talented she was. It was good to have a bit of fun and explain to everyone what the Border Force does.

There are currently seven sniffer dogs at Manchester Airport trained to find drugs, firearms, weapons, cash and types of food. Milly is a new dog at Manchester, she amazed her audience by demonstrating how clever she is by sniffing out a suitcase which contained the scent of drugs within its pocket. As she is new to her role and still very young this was shown with immense excitement!

Members of the Border Force Dog Handling Team will be demonstrating this event throughout August. If you are looking for an exciting activity for dog lovers come and join us. Afterwards you can wander down to the Seized! gallery in the basement of the Merseyside Maritime Museum to find out more about the role of the Border Force”.

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