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Symon Sentain: “Slavery Remembrance Day evokes unconquerable nature of human spirit”

21 August 2013 by Dickie

Head and shoulders photo of Symon smiling at the camera

Symon Sentain, Chairman of Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust

As we approach Slavery Remembrance Day, Symon Sentain, Chairman of The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, offers his thoughts:  

“Along with millions of others, I am a ‘child’ of the African Diaspora and the great great grandson of a slave. Slavery Remembrance Day evokes the unconquerable nature of the human spirit, that spirit of will, not just to survive, but to be more than one was programmed to believe and better than what one was taught.

“This is evidenced by the achievements of our brightest luminaries, those who have gone from humble beginnings to become doctors, nurses, politicians, journalists, lawyers, financiers, property developers, regeneration experts and even the president of the United States of America!

“Slavery Remembrance Day is vitally important to observe as it also provides a time to reflect on those who have not been able to progress, held back by the dead hand of racism, discrimination, missed opportunities and reduced life chances and for us all to remember that the work to eradicate these evils is not yet done.” 

Mr Sentain will join a Walk of Remembrance through Liverpool city centre on Friday 23 August 2013. We’d love it if as many people as possible could join us on the day.  

The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust  is a national charity formed shortly after the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence. It serves to transform the lives of young people and aim to achieve real social change.


  1. Anthony Madume says:

    Hello Mr. Sentain,

    Good afternoon.

    Your brief above summed it up well. Like yourself, I am Africa Child or Man and the ‘Slavery Remembrance Day resonates with me. Our ancestors were great fighters and they demonstrated more than the will to survive in the midst of adversity. Yes, it is vitally important to celebrate ‘Slavery Remembrance Day’ in our City of Liverpool’. Bravo!

    May their spirits rest in peace,

    Anthony Madume

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