Ele Friends

5 September 2013 by Alayna

Two visitors with their Ele Friends finger puppets

Two visitors with their Ele Friends finger puppets

Jane Donnelley, Border Force Officer talks about a new Education event at Seized! The Border and Customs Uncovered:”

Throughout the summer holidays the Seized! team deliver its public events programme, which includes a variety of craft sessions for the children and families. These sessions are free and offer the opportunity to come and be creative. Our most recent addition to these sessions is Ele Friends, where visitors can make their own elephant friend in the form of a felt finger puppet with lovely coloured tusks.

The aim of the session is to inform everyone about the illegal trade of ivory and to raise awareness of how every year thousands of elephants are brutally killed for their ivory, also known as ‘white gold’. The demand for illegal ivory in certain countries in the form of trinkets, name seals, expensive carvings and polished ivory tusks has soared. Therefore the UK Border Force Officers are on high alert at ports.

The session also gives an opportunity for everyone to look at the ivory handling objects we currently have. The session is fun and educational for families and so far we have made some pretty awesome Elephant finger puppets. So far, the Ele Friends sessions have been a great success and will be implemented into the weekend craft sessions so keep an eye out!”

  1. Mrs.Jeanne King says:

    I have two photos of old White Star Line ships on which my great uncles sailed. One Captain was Alexander Kidley and the other his brother.

    Jeanne King

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