Stepping into a Magic World…

19 September 2013 by Felicity

Magic on film

The film crew capture Amber’s performance on camera

Ever watched a magic trick and had the feeling that, if you could only see it one more time, you’d know exactly how it was done? Well, I can promise that even after multiple viewings, figuring them out remains incredibly… tricky.

This week, we invited some of Liverpool’s most talented magicians along to be filmed performing some of their most impressive tricks. Despite multiple takes, we remained baffled and amazed by the brilliant tricks that were performed.

The filming took place as part of our preparations for an exciting new exhibition at World Museum. Opening on 18 October, Magic Worlds will look at fantasy, enchantment and illusion. We’ll be projecting the film footage onto walls within the exhibition, so prepare to be amazed!

First up to be filmed was 13-year old Amber. Inspired by her Dad, who’s also a magician, Amber performed her first magic trick aged just 5 years old for her Grandad’s birthday.

Her favorite trick to perform is the rope escape, but for us she worked her magic on an umbrella, courtesy of an unassuming-looking hat. Perhaps not the easiest to explain… this one needs to be seen to be believed!

From rope tricks to fire eating, we witnessed a spell-binding array of performances from the magicians, who are all part of Liverpool’s Mahatma Magic Circle. Keep a close eye on our website as we’ll be sharing more magic on there very shortly!




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