Dyslexia awareness through creativity

23 October 2013 by Lisa

Painting of a man's face

Painting by Kyle Williams

Here’s a blog from Education Manager, Emma Devlin, about her involvement with Dyslexia Awareness Week at the Walker Art Gallery:

“Last week Hugh Baird college students had the opportunity to showcase art work made in response to the theme ‘Dyslexia Awareness through Creativity’.  To highlight Dyslexia Awareness Week, Hugh Baird College organised an art competition and students produced a range of work including illustration, photography, typography, and 3D structure. The work was displayed in Hugh Baird College and a number of candidates were selected to display their work at the Walker Art Gallery. Members of the public were invited to view the work on display and talk to students and tutors about the project.

Student Kyle Williams told us more about the competition and the artwork he submitted:

‘I entered into the Dyslexia Awareness competition through Hugh Baird College. The brief was to create a piece of artwork choosing any type of media I thought would best represent the theme of dyslexia. As a graphic arts student I thought I should showcase my skill base in art and design by creating a painting using colour and text. As a person who suffers from dyslexia, I tried to highlight some of the issues I face every day. This narrative behind the painting allows the viewers to have an insight into what everyday life is like when dealing with dyslexia.’

Dyslexia Awareness Week ran from 14 – 18 October 2013. “

  1. lorraine white says:

    Beautifully Illustrated through art.Well done.

  2. Emma Devlin says:

    We think so too Lorraine! Having the display in the gallery was a wonderful opportunity for us to showcase the work of talented young artists.

  3. Anonymous says:

    A fantastic gallery that really redefines dyslexic awareness, a fantastic overall show

  4. nadine.brady says:

    A fantastic painting illustrating Dyslexia, well done Kyle

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