Photographs by Martin Parr and Tom Wood

6 December 2013 by Laura

Woman in gallery

Ceri McCabe in ‘Every Man and Woman is a Star: Photographs by Martin Parr and Tom Wood’

This weekend is the last chance to catch ‘Every Man and Woman is a Star: Photographs by Martin Parr and Tom Wood’ .

The images provide an evocative insight into the local area between 1976 and 1987.  So we were really pleased to hear from Ceri McCabe, one half of the young couple in the lead image which gave the exhibition its poetic name.

Ceri now lives in Italy but heard about the exhibition from a friend. She got in touch and told us a bit more about life in Liverpool at the time:

It was the year of the Toxteth riots and we lived in Huskisson St. On the dole, making art and music and writing.

It was an incredible time for young, creative people in Liverpool. It was also a very hard life, for those so young, but now I feel incredibly lucky to have experienced those days.

The young couple agreed for Tom to take their photograph in exchange for him buying them a meal at Keith’s Wine  Bar still on Lark Lane!

Ceri recently visited the exhibition and was delighted to see the photograh for the first time in many years although it was also a strange experience:

It feels about a thousand years ago!

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