Ford Escort with top gear from the 1970s

3 February 2014 by Sam


Sharon Brown, curator of land transport and industry at the Museum of Liverpool, has news of a brand new arrival that you may have spotted in the window today:

Question: What’s yellow and shiny and new to the Museum of Liverpool?

Answer: A 1975 Ford Escort 1100L, 1975

An amazing bright yellow Ford Escort, built at Ford’s in Halewood is now on display at the Museum of Liverpool.

The car was registered on 6th January 1975 and had only two owners. The first kept it for a year but the second owners, a family from Oxfordshire, kept it for 16 years. They loved the car and thought it was worth preserving and so donated it to Coventry Transport Museum in 1992.

Launched in 1967 at Halewood the first generation Escort, known as Mark 1, was the successor to the Ford Anglia. This car was among the last of the Mark 1 Escorts produced there.

The Ford Escort is considered to be the best selling car of all time with more than 4 million of them purchased throughout their production run.

This car was transferred to the Museum of Liverpool from Coventry Transport Museum in 2013 to add to our collection of locally manufactured vehicles. It will be on display in our Atrium until May, complete with typical 1970s accessories – furry dice and a nodding dog!”

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