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Valentine’s Day menu

12 February 2014 by Sarah

Menu from ship Baltic for 14th Feb 1913

This Valentine Day linked item is a menu from the White Star Line vessel Baltic for 14th February 1913, when the ship was approaching New York on a voyage from Liverpool.  It’s an impressive array of food, so is probably a first class menu.

The Maritime Archives and Library holds a lot of ship menus and I find them fascinating.  In this case I wonder why celery deserves a special mention.  The Green Turtle will be turtle soup, which I’ve seen quite often on our menus.  Should you wish to recreate this meal for a romantic night on Friday, according to the internet (so I’m not guaranteeing veracity), Casserole of Chicken a la Madrid is a spicy, tomato and pepper based dish, which sounds quite nice.  Salade Mercedes contains chicory, egg, beetroot and orange, which sounds horrible. I’d give that a miss and move straight onto Pudding a l’Ambassadeur which is a kirsch and chocolate cake.

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