Queen Victoria in Liverpool

30 May 2014 by Jen

Queen Victoria cruise liner moored in Liverpool

The magnificent Cunard liner MS Queen Victoria arrived this morning at the Liverpool landing stage to spend the night in the city, making her the first Cunard liner to do so since the Franconia in 1968. She is a spectacular sight down here at the waterfront and people have been flocking to see her, bowled over by her size and grandeur!

Queen Victoria departs tomorrow, marking exactly one hundred years since the Aquitania left from the same spot on her maiden voyage to New York. Aquitania was another Cunard liner that had a long and distinguished career, including being the only major liner to serve in both World Wars.

It’s always exciting to see the large ships come into Liverpool and there should be something even more exciting in the near future! Liverpool was Cunard’s home from 1840 to 1967 and so it is wonderfully fitting that for Cunard’s 175th anniversary next year the three Queens, Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary II, will all meet on the Liverpool waterfront in May. You can guarantee Maritime Museum staff will be out with their cameras once more to catch that incredible sight!

There’s more information about Liverpool’s historic connection to the Cunard Line in the Cunard Queens feature on our website.

  1. NIGEL says:

    Great to see the world’s liners coming into Liverpool and giving the city it’s international status that it deserves.
    All we need now is world class international airport so that passengers wanting to board these ships are able to fly directly into the City of Liverpool and not have to use another city’s airport 40 miles down the M62.
    As an ex pat from Liverpool running a travel agency in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada I cannot connect my passengers into Liverpool as there are no Interline Airlines that use the airport. We need KLM back or Lufthansa to be persuaded that a city the size of Liverpool should have it’s fare share of routes.

    • Jen says:

      Indeed, we are all delighted to see the cruise liners back! We hope you’re able to visit Liverpool again soon and bring some Canadian visitors to see the city.

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