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National Insect Week continues!

27 June 2014 by Tony

Insect delicacies?!

Insect delicacies?!

The events to celebrate National Insect Week 2014  are continuing this weekend at World Museum. The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine will be bringing along some of their blood sucking insects, including the worlds most dangerous animal – the mosquito, and some of their close relatives.

Local bee keeper Doug Jones will be coming in on Saturday 28 June, with an observation hive to explain the challenges and rewards of ‘beeing a bee keeper’! And you will have the chance to try some ‘edible’ insects and decide for yourself if they deserve that title!

The LSTM team with some of their insects.

The LSTM team with some of their insects.

There are also daily ‘meet the relatives’ sessions in the aquarium, where you can meet and learn more about some marine arthropods. And we are launching the 2014 Bug house photography competition with a display of some of last years entries. Plus many more insect related events.

Marvel at a range “colourful, shiny and strange” bugs and beasties and glean insights into the wonderful world of collecting insects in this Secret Room video. Oh, and it also features the biggest beetle in the world! What’s not to like?!

Some of last years photography competition entries.

Some of last years photography competition entries.

If you like insects or not there is lots to do and learn at World Museum!

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