Would you like to meet a giant millipede?

13 June 2014 by Tony


Would you like to meet a giant millipede?

National Insect Week (NIW) 2014 is nearly upon us and we’ll be holding a series of events celebrating insects from 21-29 June 2014, at World Museum.

As well as ‘close encounters’ sessions with impressive invertebrates such as the giant millipede pictured here, there will be behind the scenes tours of the insect collections, microscope sessions and craft activities.

We’re looking forward to hosting various experts including Wirral bee keeper Doug Jones, who will be on hand to give advice to aspiring beekeepers, and show visitors a live demonstration hive.

Experts from the Liverpool school of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) will be demonstrating live Mosquito and Tsetse fly colonies, as well as some misleadingly named ‘kissing bugs’!

They will also be giving advice on how to avoid being bitten and explaining some of the life saving research they undertake. There is more detailed information on the LSTM on their website.

We will be keeping you updated with details of our insect week events on the blog, Facebook, Twitter, and on our website. For more detailed information on National Insect Week check out the NIW website.


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