Creating a same-sex marriage equality quilt

28 October 2014 by Kay

Courtesy of Oly Bliss

Courtesy of Oly Bliss

Young artist Oly Bliss is creating a unique quilt to record and celebrate the 396 Members of Parliament who voted for same-sex marriage in July 2013.

You can get involved by helping to decorate unique hand-drawn portraits created by Oly on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 November. The images will be incorporated into the giant quilt forming a geographical map, showcasing how MP’s voted across the UK.
This project follows a successful residency at People’s History Museum, Manchester, where audiences came together to create 254 messages towards a more hopeful and tolerant future in response to MPs that voted against same-sex marriage. These messages will also be incorporated into the quilt.

To take part in creating history, come to the Museum of Liverpool on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 November, between 10am-4pm!

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This activity is part of the Homotopia Festival

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