Spotted! That’s me in the photo – 30 years on

20 April 2015 by Kay

two women in front of a huge photo

Vivian with her daughter in front of the photograph of her (right)

Vivian Walcott was recently very surprised to see herself as a 10 year old in the L8 Unseen exhibition at the Museum of Liverpool – especially as she doesn’t remember the event or the photograph being taken!

The picture, of a street party for the L8 Mandela Freedom Festival in 1988, shows Vivian with her friend, Tito Cooper.

She lived in Magdela Street at the time – where her mum, a well-known member of the community still lives, and fondly remembers the tight knit L8 community growing up.

She is pictured here with her daughter, a local kick boxing champion, who Vivian says was amazed to see a picture of her mum in the exhibition – which they both thought was brilliant.

There are lots of other images of Liverpool 8 on display – come and see if you can spot yourself.

two children sitting at a table at a street party

Vivian and Tito at the L8 Mandela Freedom Festival, 1988. Courtesy of International Slavery Museum

You can also share your own stories and images, which could become a part of the exhibition through L8 Create, an area of the exhibition where we are featuring your photos and memories of the Liverpool 8 area.

There are lots of ways that you could get involved – find out more on the L8 Create page on the website.

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