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4 March 2016 by Emma Duffy

Two people holding defibrillators standing outside the Walker Art Gallery

Joseph Dixon, National Museums Liverpool, and Janet Graham, North West Ambulance Service, with defibrillators outside the Walker Art Gallery

Fantastic news! We have received thirteen automated external defibrillators, or AEDs, from the North West Ambulance Service, for use in our museums and galleries. AEDs are portable electronic units that can automatically diagnose life-threatening cardiac arrests.

The easy to use devices are used to administer an electric shock, to help re-start a regular heart rhythm. AEDs really do mean the difference between life and death; if a shock is delivered within the first two minutes, there is a 75 – 90% chance of survival.
Joseph Dixon, Senior Health & Safety Officer, said:

“Each year our museums and galleries attract nearly 2.7 million visitors. The health and safety of our visitors is of great importance to us, so with a high volume of people coming through our doors each day, it’s fantastic to know that we have life-saving equipment on hand should we need to use it. We’re extremely grateful to have been able to work with the North West Ambulance Service to ensure we have AEDs in all of our venues, and the Service has also provided training to more than 60 staff on how to use the units.”

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