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National Museums Liverpool has Pride!

28 July 2016 by Matt


I remember my first Liverpool Pride, back in 2010. I was finishing off my university year and I stumbled across it quite by accident. Needless to say I had an amazing time and funnily enough I will be having another Pride first this year.

On Saturday, for the first time ever, National Museums Liverpool will have a stall at Liverpool Pride where we’ll be showcasing the work we’ve been carrying out as part of our Pride and Prejudice project.

Last year, Liverpool Pride donated a number of objects to the Museum of Liverpool’s collections representing every official Pride the city has celebrated from 2010 (the one I accidentally stumbled into), up to last year’s events. Looking through the material memories came flooding back – torrential downpours, dancing in the street and meeting so many amazing people. This year promises to be just as memorable, as we get out into the community and talk about the work we’ve been doing over the last year.

At Pride we’ll begin consulting with local LGBT communities to make sure that we’re representing their stories truthfully and accurately. The work won’t end there though, we’d love your input to help us shape the project and make sure that your stories are told properly. If you’d like to be part of this then please get in touch with us.


Matt Exley – Museum of Liverpool
Matt.Exley@liverpoolmuseums.org.uk @Mexley88

Lynn Wray – art galleries
Lynn.Wray@liverpoolmuseums.org.uk @lynnw1982

Although we’ll be working, I’m sure we’ll get a bit of time to let our hair down too and make 2016 the most memorable Liverpool Pride yet! We’ll look forward to seeing you there!

Find out how we’ll be celebrating Liverpool Pride in our venues here!

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