The perks of being a Young Archaeologist

6 July 2016 by Liz

digging at Poulton

Today we have a guest blog by Young Archaeologists’ Club (YAC) leader Hayley Carlyle and YAC member Amy:

“The Mersey and Dee YAC is one of almost 70 UK branches, headed by the Council for British Archaeology, that endeavours to help young people between 8-16 learn about archaeology and make new friends.

The Mersey and Dee branch predominantly meets in the Museum of Liverpool, on Liverpool’s iconic Pier Head, monthly on a Saturday. Our branch is hosted by a team of archaeological and education staff and, a dedicated team of volunteers who are both knowledgeable and passionate about the sessions we offer, making sure all of our members have an enjoyable and educational time.

Our members find themselves:

  • Getting hands on experience of what it is like to be an archaeologist
  • Learning about key points and events in history
  • Attending field trips to other museum’s and archaeological sites
  • Having tonnes of fun!

Here is what Amy, one of our Young Archaeologists’, has to say about her experience of the Mersey and Dee Young Archaeologists’ Club:

“So, most of you may think that archaeology is all about taking a spade to a damp field and digging up a couple of Roman coins. But there’s much more to it than that. The amount of opportunities that this club brings is unbelievable. At YAC, we learn about all things history (basically like a more practical version of Horrible Histories)!”

This summer we are offering a summer holiday club for our budding archaeologists where they will be able to explore the Second World War at Liverpool’s Western Approaches Museum (25 July, 10am-4pm), take part in a Lego animation workshop themed around the Cheshire Hoards (26 July, 10am-4pm) and learn about the Vikings (27 July, 10am-4pm).

If our club sounds like something your budding archaeologist would be interested in, please see our Young Archaeologists’ Club page for more information on our club and how to join!”

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