Lunt Meadows opens to visitors

18 August 2016 by Ron

view of archaeological excavations at Lunt Meadows

The nationally important Lunt Meadows prehistoric hunter-gatherer settlement has been under excavation for the last few years in a wetland nature reserve managed by the Wildlife Trust.

Recently, the official opening of the reserve marked a new phase in the site’s development with the provision of information boards and viewing facilities including those overlooking the archaeological site. This means that the completion phase of the excavations of the settlement can be viewed by visitors to the reserve in a natural setting not unlike the one in which it was originally located 8000 years ago.

Get a quick preview of what visitors to the site can expect to see in this short slide-show of the events on the open day, and read more about the site on the Day of Archaeology website.

  1. Phil Brandwood says:

    Some friends and I, who live locally, were at Lunt Meadows today picking blackberries, when we came upon this dig which we already knew about, however one of the archaeologists had minutes earlier found a specimen and came over to show it us. He gave us some very interesting facts about the site and answered our questions for some time, altogether a very interesting aside which left us deep in thought about life in that era. It gave us something to chat over later at the local Punchbowl pub and turned an ordinary day into a much more interesting one. We shall call again to view progress and wish all concerned every success.

    • Ron says:

      Thank you for your kind comments about your recent visit to the ancient hunter-gatherer site at the fantastic Lunt Meadows Nature Reserve. I am the archaeologist who showed you the stone tool that had just re-appeared on the floor of one of the buildings after all this time. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit and that seeing the once buried settlement sitting perfectly in the peaceful landscape gave an extra dimension to your day out. It is very rewarding and the essence of my job to be able to so directly engage visitors in the work that the Museum is doing at this rare site.

  2. Jo Wagstaff and Graham Wagstaff says:

    On an impromptu walk at Lunt Meadows which we came across by accident even though we live in nearby Formby we were delighted to come across this archeological site. As frequent visitors to ancient sites it was a real treat to discover this so close to home! Thank you so much to the archeologist on site (Ron Cowell) for taking the time to answer our many questions and for sharing his enthusiasm for this wonderful discovery. The knowledge that the environment on our walk has remained relatively unchanged for 8000 years made us feel a big connection with the Mesolithic people as we continued on our way and we imagined they had watched the geese flying overhead just as we were! we will return frequently to see how the dig progresses and recommend a visit to our friends. We will also seek out the finds in the Museum of Liverpool and the Atkinson Southport.

    • Ron says:

      Dear Jo and Graham, thank you so much for your comments and I enjoyed talking to you the other day. I’m glad you felt that link afterwards between the ancient and the modern as you continued your walk around the nature reserve as that is my main wish for the site: that the archaeology and the wildlife setting enhance each other’s presence to such an extent that a visit to the reserve is a more enjoyable and thought provoking experience than if only one of them were there. As far as I know this is the only place in the country where a site of such an early period set in something like its original landscape can be experienced in this way. I should just add that the display in the Museum of Liverpool is not scheduled until the end of next year and I’ll advertise it on the website when it’s ready (although there are fixed displays on the Mesolithic in Merseyside in the ground floor Great Port gallery and in the Timeline on the first floor), while the Atkinson exhibition in Southport is continuing until at least the end of 2017.

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