‘IT’ – a poem by by Peter Ogunsiji

5 September 2016 by Sarah

‘Sugar Coated’, an art work produced by Peter Ogunsiji in relation to the poem, ‘IT’. Courtesy of Peter Ogunsiji.

‘Sugar Coated’, an art work produced by Peter Ogunsiji in relation to the poem, ‘IT’. Courtesy of Peter Ogunsiji.

Peter Ogunsiji is an issues-based artist from Toxteth in Liverpool, who aims to create works stimulating awareness, discussion and action.

Peter is a good friend of the Museum and has sent us the below poem, inspired by his recent volunteering work with Action for Blind People to raise awareness of diabetes related vision loss – Black Asian and Minority Ethnic people are 50% more likely to develop these conditions than Europeans. The poem is called ‘IT’ . Can you guess what ‘IT’ is?


IT by Peter Ogunsiji 2016 15 March. 


So many lives stolen in its growth and production,

Its sweet taste was the means of its seduction.


Traded for goods and lives around the world it became almost white gold, as such the rush caused many more lives to be sold.


In the islands of the sun it would be grown in haste,

The world it seemed could not get enough of its taste.


The ships where on a constant run,

Especially once it turned into rum.


A historical holocaust is its legacy,

While it’s destructive nature continues for all to see,

Something called obesity.


How many more lives will be ruined or lost to it, hard to say,

But one thing is for sure it is here to stay.


One must take control of it in your life,

For it has indirectly killed more than any gun or knife.


Its excessive use can cause an overweight loss of style,

Its excessive use can take away your pearly white smile.


Its use in moderation must be observed.

Continuing with its excessive use is absolutely absurd



Read here for a clue and some more information on ‘IT’.

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