Arctic Convoys 75th anniversary event

4 November 2016 by Ben

lots of people, including war veterans with medals, looking at museum objects on a table display

There was an event at Liverpool Town Hall on 31 October to mark the 75th anniversary of the first Arctic Convoy in the Second World War.

The convoys took vital supplies and munitions to Russian ports, braving U-boat attacks and the harsh arctic conditions. The first convoy left Liverpool on 12 August 1941. 

I represented Naional Museums Liverpool at the event with Jo Connor from the Merseyside Maritime Museum Education team. We took along some objects from the collections related to the convoys, as well as the House of Memories Royal Navy suitcase.

There was great interest from Veterans and their families, as well as from attendees from the modern Royal Navy. The Veterans who are left are all in their nineties now, so this will probably be the last big event to mark the Arctic Convoys. It was a privilege for the museum to be a part of this event and play a small role in honouring the Veterans.

Find out more about the role Liverpool played in the Arctic Convoys in our Battle of the Alantic online feature.

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