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New LGBT objects uncovered

5 December 2016 by Kay

Shaun Duggan with cup of tea

Shaun Duggan

Two new themes, Love and Relationships and Sex and Eroticism (what everyone’s been waiting for!) have now been launched as part of our Pride and Prejudice research project.

We have discovered some fascinating objects in our collections which tell a range of stories and histories. Some of my highlights featured are –

  • Shaun Duggan talking very powerfully about his experiences of growing up gay in Norris Green in the 1980s
  • An engraved bracelet revealing an early teenage relationship in the 1960s
  • A beautiful painting of actress Diana Wynyard
  • Booklet, ‘Sex in Marriage’, which demonstrates that despite the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in England and Wales in 1967, homosexuality remained very much a taboo subject.
  • A bottle of poppers representing a tale of reunited teenage sweethearts
  • Photograph of Frankie Goes to Hollywood in leather gear
  • And a tin of Huntley and Palmers biscuits……..

You can also get involved and let us know what you think of the project so far at an informal consultancy event at the Museum of Liverpool, 10 December.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood by John Stoddart

Frankie Goes to Hollywood by John Stoddart


    Un-documented History is–very sadly–forgotten History.—-Such would be tantamount to the LGBT Community having never existed; [And, there are far too many adversaries aspiring unto that vicious end.]. Therefore, I applaud the existence of your museum for many reasons; Including your crusade toward keeping the bigoted from ever being successful in their attempts to eradicate a group along with evidence of our inspiring-Thoughts, Talents, and Culture. Thank-you!

  2. Kay says:

    Many thanks for your comment Aidan. We are committed to telling diverse and hidden histories, ensuring that our collections and displays help to make a real difference. LGBT voices are central to this ongoing important commitment. Thanks for your support!

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