Festival of Archaeology

20 July 2017 by Liz

July is always an exciting time of year for the Museum of Liverpool archaeology team. It’s prime digging season, there are always lots of finds to catalogue, and it’s Festival of Archaeology! For the Festival each year we display finds from a local site, and we run events and activities linked to the archaeology of the region.

Visitors learning about finds from RainfordThis year we’re going to present some of the latest sites and collections we’ve been working on in a series of talks. From evidence for some of the earliest houses in the country at Lunt Meadows, to the more modern stories of industrial development at Rainford and in Liverpool we’ll explore some fascinating stories, finds, and sites!  The talks demonstrate what a wide range of collections we have at the Museum of Liverpool, from tiny lithics – flint or chert tools used in the Mesolithic period, to pottery, kiln brick, and pottery production waste from Tudor and later industrial sites.

There’s even some Treasure along the way! This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Treasure Act coming into force, so we’ll be highlighting some of the exciting Treasure finds from the region too!

Young archaeologist washes finds on site in Rainford

In the atrium of the Museum of Liverpool there’s a display of finds from the excavation which took place in 2008 before the canal link was built at the waterfront. These finds have never been on display before.

The programme of Festival of Archaeology events will get the whole family involved, from our youngest visitors, who can become ‘Little Diggers’ to those who would like to get hands-on with real finds in our ‘Fun Finds’ session, and those who’d like to get creative and crafty in our ‘Archaeology Crafternoon’ sessions. As schools break up come to the Museum of Liverpool – you’ll dig it!

  1. Tony Clement says:

    Liz, thanks for the post about Felix Augustus Scott. He
    was my great grandfather. Lilian Scott was my grandmother whom I knew growing up in Queens, New York. I currently live in London amd would greatly appreciate connecting with you and the researcher if possible.


    Tony Clement

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