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24 July 2018 by Tracey McGeagh

Visitors at the Museum of Liverpool.

We were delighted to find three of our museums listed in a piece about accessibility in the Liverpool Echo recently. Respected website Euan’s Guide includes World Museum, the Museum of Liverpool and Merseyside Maritime Museum in the top ten accessible attractions in Liverpool.

With a set of Grade I and II listed buildings, there are all sorts of obstacles and challenges to overcome to make our spaces fully accessible. Teams across the organisation work on interpretation, exhibitions and events, not forgetting promotion to raise awareness and help people plan their visits. We have an Equality and Diversity Group which coordinates activity and helps to keep access high on everyone’s agenda.

The Museum of Liverpool, which one reviewer on Euan’s Guide says has ‘attention to detail like no other’, is one of three museums which have Changing Places toilets. Earlier this year, the Museum staged an exhibition in partnership with Accentuate which welcomed more than 40,000 visitors: The Blind School Pioneering people and places. It told the story of Liverpool’s Royal School for the Blind, the first school for blind people in Britain and the second in the world.

Every year we survey thousands of visitors, and in 2017/18 we found that we had attracted more than 60,000 more disabled visitors than in the previous year. We are committed to making all our facilities completely accessible to all visitors, but recognise we still have much more to do.

We welcome your feedback on accessibility – please let us know what you think!

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