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50 years of children’s books, music, ghosts & limitless inspiration this half term

19 October 2018 by Ann

All the Year Round (c) Quentin Blake

The first half-term back at school always feels like the longest.  The summer sun and heatwave seem a distant memory as the nights draw in, jumpers and blankets are found at the back of cupboards and the heating is reluctantly switched on.

To counteract the impending gloom the Lady Lever has opened it new exhibition Quentin Blake and John Yeoman: 50 years of Children’s Books, a riot of colour and joyful illustrations to put fun firmly at the centre of half term!

We have an action packed week ahead with early years sensory play with Moo Music and Story Explorers (already fully booked!), A Big Draw workshop with Kathryn Edwards inspired by Quentin Blake and John Yeoman’s book ‘Up with Birds’, spooky Halloween tours with the creepy caretaker, Sunday Stories and plenty of creative crafts to enjoy.  Grab your diary and make sure we’re part of your week.

Up with Birds (c) Quentin Blake

Here Kathryn talks a little more about her inspiration and what her workshop will offer to entertain families:

I’m an Artist and illustrator based in Yorkshire and I work with similar materials to Blake – using watercolour and inks. I feel I’ve always known Quentin Blake’s illustration, his seemingly simple style and the instantaneous personality within his characters is both evocative and playful. I really do love his work, so to create a workshop based around the exhibition at the Lady Lever Art Gallery has been an absolute pleasure. I have designed a session that will allow children and their families to play with materials and have fun experimenting with different techniques used by Blake.

The Fabulous Foskett Family Circus (c) Quentin Blake

For younger children we’ve got feather designing and wing creating to transport them into one of Blake’s illustrations from ‘Up With Birds’. If  they like the costumes from ‘The Fabulous Foskett Family Circus’ we’ve also got some bow tie designing which will enable them to become one of the circus performers.

For older children, we’ve got some really exciting character creating activities in the main gallery. We’ll be developing our own characters and like Blake we’ll be using materials including dip pens, ink and watercolours.

By the end of the day everyone will feel like masters of illustration- it could get a bit messy, at least we hope so!

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