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Cape Farewell sets sail

25 January 2007 by Billy

If you’re heading over to the Walker Art Gallery this weekend for the opening days of The cathedral that never was and Doves and Dreams, you might also call in at the Conservation Centre for the final weekend of the Cape Farewell exhibition.

The exhibition looking at art and climate change finishes this Sunday, 28 January 2007.

‘The Decameron’ and ‘The Enchanted Garden’

24 January 2007 by Billy

'The Enchanted Garden', John William Waterhouse

‘The Enchanted Garden’, John William Waterhouse

At the second attempt, I managed to record Sandra Penketh’s picture of the month talk yesterday at the Lady Lever Art Gallery on John William Waterhouse’s ‘The Decameron’ and ‘The Enchanted Garden’ (mp3/transcript/links).

The paintings are companion pieces, ‘The Enchanted Garden’ depicting a scene from Boccaccio’s Decameron. Sandra’s talk looks at the contemporary influences on Waterhouse, the story of the Enchanted Garden and Lord Lever’s unusual approach to buying from Waterhouse’s widow.

Fans of Cute Overload! shouldn’t miss this photo buried in the podcast’s suggested links (although whether ‘mouse about to be savaged by cat’ counts as cute is debatable).

The object of the month talk at 1pm in the Walker tomorrow (Thursday 25 January 2007) is on a Vivienne Westwood outfit from her Buffalo Girls collection.
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Patrick Caulfield at the Walker and Tate Liverpool

16 January 2007 by Billy

'Still Life: Autumn Fashion'

Patrick Caulfield’s ‘Still Life: Autumn Fashion‘ is one of the most popular pieces in the Walker’s 20th century collection and is currently on display in Room 13 at the gallery.

The excellent Patrick Caulfield collection display at Tate Liverpool (not one of our venues) finishes early next month (4 February 2007), images of all fifty two works are available on the Tate website.

To mark the end of the display, Marco Livingstone will be giving a talk in the display space next Wednesday (full details). In 1981 Marco Livingstone selected works for the Walker Art Gallery’s Patrick Caulfield retrospective.
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Not one of our venues

16 January 2007 by Billy

We take it for granted sometimes that everyone understands which venues we represent at National Museums Liverpool, but personal experience suggests it can be confusing. It’s even more confusing when we occasionally highlight events and exhibitions at other Liverpool museums and galleries on this blog.

I’m creating this post so that when I mention a Merseyside gallery or museum, I can include a link to this explanation.

We are – Walker Art Gallery, World Museum Liverpool, Museum of Liverpool, Merseyside Maritime Museum, International Slavery Museum, Sudley House, Lady Lever Art Gallery, HM Customs & Excise National Museum and National Conservation Centre.
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Annual meteor shower chart

15 January 2007 by Billy

What is the parent comet of the Lyrids? Are the Andromadids extinct yet? What’s the hourly rate of the Delta Aquarids? Do the Taurids end before the Leonids begin? If any of these questions have been troubling you the answers are now at hand with our new annual meteor shower chart from the staff at the Planetarium.

Leonids meteor shower 2001

Leonid meteor shower, 2001, RG Photo

Oedipus and the Annunciation

4 January 2007 by Billy

Dr Paul O'Keeffe in front of 'The Annunciation'

Audio downloads of the Lady Lever and Walker Art Galleries’ December artwork of the month talks are now online. At the Walker, Curator of British paintings Alex Kidson took a look at Henry Fuseli’s ‘The Death of Oedipus’ (mp3/transcript/links). Fuseli’s painting portrays a scene from the Sophocles play ‘Oedipus at Colonus’.At the Lady Lever, Dr Paul O’Keeffe gave a seasonal talk on ‘The Annunciation’ by Edward Burne-Jones (mp3/transcript/links). Paul discusses buying a bible and concordance, the connections between Eve and Mary, original sin, the V&A exhibition ‘Renaissance domestic life in Italy’, the model and her famous daughters, the history of the Grosvenor Gallery, Gilbert and Sullivan’s ‘Patience’, Oscar Wilde, William Morris and Clause 8 of the Trust deed of the Lady Lever collection.

Alison Jones at the Alima Centre

6 December 2006 by Billy

I spent yesterday afternoon at the Alima Centre with artist Alison Jones. Alison was taking us round the ‘On the Edge’ exhibition in the second floor gallery.

The exhibition is part of Dadafest (Disability and Deaf Arts Festival), ‘exploring the physical and emotional issues of being forced to the
edge…of the city, the art scene, society, people’s consciousness and

Alison has produced an excellent sound piece for the exhibition ‘Art, Lies and Audio Tapes’ in which visitors to the Walker Art Gallery have been asked to provide a description of our popular painting ‘And When Did You Last See Your Father?‘. This audio is then played in the exhibition in front of an imprecise line drawing of the painting. Read more…

One Bukantas and a pair of Emmersons

6 December 2006 by Billy

Casablanca Cabinet

Casablanca Cabinet

I’ve been catching up with a podcast backlog –  there are three recently recorded gallery talks now available to download.

Curator of Fine Art, Ann Bukantas (mp3/transcript/links) takes an extended look at Helen Chadwick’s ‘Viral Landscapes’, a recent addition to the Walker Art Gallery‘s permanent collection.

Head of Decorative Arts, Robin Emmerson, found time last month to deliver object of the month talks at both the Walker and the Lady Lever Art Gallery.

At the Walker, Robin spoke about Ettore Sotsass’ ‘Casablanca Cabinet’  (mp3/transcript/links). The cabinet is displayed in the gallery’s cafe, outside the entrance to the Craft and Design gallery, and there is a lot of background noise on the recording from the lunchtime crowds.
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Forty years of designer fashion

4 December 2006 by Billy

Detail from Stella McCartney design

The new designer fashion costume display opened in the Craft and Design gallery of the Walker Art Gallery this Saturday (2 December 2006). Our online feature provides background information on the designs on display.

The display includes work by André Courrèges, Jean Muir, Bill Gibb, Yves St Laurent, Vivienne Westwood (Buffalo Girls and Anglomania), Tommy Hilfiger, Stella McCartney, Juicy Couture, Hardy Blechman.

Sam’s already blogged about the arrival of the mannequins, a visit from Ian Silverberg and a hole in  the Vivienne Westwood dress; there’s also a flickr set showing the mannequins in the textile conservation studio.
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Last Christmas I Gave You My Art

30 November 2006 by Billy

Airside, whose installation Insyde continues at the Walker Art Gallery, have opened a Christmas shop in Covent Garden.

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