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Liverpool Biennial closing weekend

23 November 2006 by Billy

Liverpool Biennial finishes this Sunday, 26 November 2006, which might explain why the Walker Art Gallery was so busy when I was in this lunchtime.

This weekend is your last chance to see John Moores 24 and the Walker’s Cape Farewell exhibits (not forgetting an offline opportunity to see Digital Show).

Red Reflection, Graham Crowley

‘Red Reflection’, Graham Crowley, John Moores 24

A couple of our Biennial exhibitions have been extended though, Insyde is at the Walker until 25 February 2007 and Cape Farewell is at the Conservation Centre until 28 January 2007. Read more…

Another Place in Belgium

23 November 2006 by Billy

After looking at Sam’s photos of the Lutyens model on our flickr account I came across this photograph recently posted by Andrew Cullen. It shows Antony Gormley‘s ‘Another Place’ sculpture on a beach in Belgium shortly before it was moved to its current home in Crosby.

'Another Place' in Belgium

Andrew had made the trip specifically to see the sculpture but arrived too late (the website had the wrong information, would never happen here of course…). Fortunately Andrew was able to see and photograph the sculpture recently in Crosby. Read more…

Judging the John Moores exhibition

13 November 2006 by Billy

John Moores 24 jury

Last week Ann Bukantas gave a gallery talk at the Walker Art Gallery looking at her experience of the judging process for John Moores 24. Ann was one of five jurors for the competition, alongside artists Sir Peter Blake, Jason Brooks and Tracey Emin and Director of Visual Arts at the British Council Andrea Rose.

Our recording of the talk is now available online (mp3/transcript/links).

The talk provided interesting answers to many questions including ‘What do the jurors do if they recognise a particular artist’s work?’ and ‘How is the final decision on the first prizewinner reached?’. Read more…

Digital Show available offline

13 November 2006 by Billy

Also at the Walker Art Gallery for the announcement of the John Moores 24 Visitors’ Choice award were Ian and Minako from Art in Liverpool.

They were taking the opportunity to view a slideshow of images from their Digital Show online exhibition which are available to view in the Walker until the end of the Liverpool Biennial (26 November 2006).

Ian and Minako from Art in Liverpool

There are 200 images in the online exhibition created by 133 artists from 25 countries using a variety of digital methods. Read more…

Nicholas Middleton wins Visitors’ Choice award

13 November 2006 by Billy

Nicholas Middleton and Ann Bukantas in front of 'Scene From a Contemporary Novel'

Artist Nicholas Middleton was at the Walker Art Gallery this lunchtime to collect a £1000 cheque from Fine Art Curator Ann Bukantas as the winner of the Visitors’ Choice award for John Moores 24 for his painting ‘Scene From a Contemporary Novel‘.

The monochrome photorealist painting was a runaway winner of the award, receiving 709 votes out of 5063 cast by visitors to the exhibition. Runners-up were Graham Crowley for ‘Red Reflection‘ and Gary ‘Dollman’ Sollars for ‘When I Grow Up I Want To Go In There‘. Read more…

Martin Greenland speaks for himself

8 November 2006 by Billy

Martin Greenland in the John Moores 24 exhibition space

We’ve already brought you Paul O’Keeffe’s artwork of the month talk on John Moores 24 first prizewinner ‘Before Vermeer’s Clouds’. Last week, the artist himself, Martin Greenland, visited the exhibition to give a talk on the painting (mp3/transcript/links).

Over 45 minutes Martin discusses recurring themes in his John Moores entries, the decision to show his work without a frame, visions of Heaven, the Lake District, Exeter and the colourful Islamic architecture of Samarkand.

Cape Farewell and Insyde extended

7 November 2006 by Billy

Alex Hartley portrait, Cape Farewell

Insyde, due to finish at the Walker Art Gallery on 26 November 2006, will now continue until 25 February 2007.

Cape Farewell, due to finish at National Conservation Centre on 26 November 2006, will now continue until 28 January 2007.

Related Cape Farewell displays at the Walker Art Gallery will still close on 26 November 2006.

‘Pandora’ by John Gibson

25 October 2006 by Billy

Paul O'Keeffe delivering his gallery talk on John Gibson's 'Pandora'

On Tuesday we recorded Paul O’Keeffe’s latest Lady Lever Art Gallery sculpture of the month talk on John Gibson’s ‘Pandora’ (mp3/transcript/links).

Paul discusses the controversy that the sculpture caused when it was first exhibited (alongside a version of the Walker Art Gallery‘s ‘Tinted Venus‘) in the 1862 Great Exhibition. His talk also looks at the complicated commissioning process for the sculpture and the Greek legend of Pandora.

New website for the Little Artists

23 October 2006 by Billy

Screenshot of the Little Artists' website

The Little Artists, who worked with the Walker Art Gallery to produce the lego Art Craziest Nation display and helped develop interpretation for the children’s gallery Big Art for Little Artists, have launched their redesigned website.

The new site lets you ‘find out about the artists Cake and Neave, their ideas, exhibitions and capers, and also see their Art for sale. There are also activities, an interactive gallery and an opportunity to send in your own artwork’. Read more…

Big Draw 2006 image gallery

23 October 2006 by Billy

Drawing by Gill Roberts

An online gallery of drawings produced by visitors to the Clore Natural History Centre at World Museum Liverpool during this year’s Big Draw events.

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