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The adventures of the Austin 7 Pearl Cabriolet!

26 June 2018 by Claire

Beryl Hindley standing next to Austin 7 in April 2018.

Photograph of Beryl Hindley next to Austin 7 in April 2018.

Sometimes, when I’m wandering around the Museum of Liverpool, just before the doors open to the thousands of visitors we welcome in each day, an object will catch my eye. Just a quick glimpse of something, although not actually from my own past, can magically transport me back to memories of family days out or sitting in my Auntie’s house drinking tea from a beautiful china cup.

For me, this is what defines Social History. Although it is a field of history that looks at the lived experience of wider society, it can also in the same instance be very personal, invoking strong, emotional memories. Read more…

Remembering victims of the May Blitz, 1941

4 May 2016 by Claire

tinted portrait on a mirror

Mirror featuring image of Peter Johnson, aged 15

Here at Museum of Liverpool, we receive many generous, interesting, and often poignant donations of objects to our collections. Recently, we were contacted by a lady called Janet, who wished to kindly donate items that had originally belonged to her late grandmother, Margaret Johnson. The items relate to Margaret’s children who were tragically killed in the May Blitz, the most concentrated series of air attacks on any British city area outside London during the Second World War. Read more…

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