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William and Kate get ‘Hitched’

28 April 2011 by Dawn

A white wedding dress with a full and fancy skirt

A dress fit for a Princess. (Traveller wedding dress, 2010).

Little did we know when we opened the Hitched: wedding clothes

and customs exhibition last Summer that its closing weekend would coincide with that most lauded of all nuptial ceremonies – the Royal Wedding.

As speculation grows about Ms Middleton’s dress, wedding fashion through the ages is once again the subject of intense media and public interest. Kensington Palace is displaying a set of Royal dresses to mark the occasion, tracing style changes from Princess Charlotte’s 1816 silver-embellished number to Princess Alexandra of Kent’s magnificent 1963 lace creation. And tomorrow another dress (and designer) will join the history books! Read more…

Nothing to declare but our Gene-ius

11 March 2011 by Dawn

This blog is by Bethan Mackenzie, a PR student and volunteer at National Museums Liverpool.

three skeletons of different sizes, one crouching two standing

It’s a bit chilly in here!

The Inside DNA exhibition at World Museum is an intellectual treat. Walking into the exhibition I am greeted by human skeletons showing off how far we have come. Our nearest surviving relative to humans is the chimpanzee, very cute!

Walking around the gallery there are loads of things to explore. The exhibition is very hands on, there are plenty of touch screens to delve deeper inside DNA and visual activities for literal explanations. One activity, where I had to answer a series of eight questions about eye colour and knuckle hair, told me “Out of 299383 people, you are only the 152nd like you.” This is always nice to know.  Read more…

Polar prizewinner

11 February 2011 by Dawn

Last year we invited you to share your pictures of spectacular scenery, unusual locations and far-flung destinations as part of our photography competition, inspired by the ‘Endurance: Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventure’ exhibition. We teamed up with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic to give one lucky winner and three friends the chance to see the live orchestral & cinematic production, ‘Polar’.

The quality of entries was exceptional, but we’re thrilled to report that the prize was won by Mr Bernard Bowler for his truly outstanding photograph, Skiddaw. Despite the apparent Antarctic conditions depicted, the picture was taken in the Lake District. Read more…

King of bling, Tutankhamun! Win a family ticket …

3 December 2010 by Dawn

While Dinomania is sweeping Liverpool, at the other end of the motorway Manchester is set for an acute attack of mummy-mania. The Museum of Museums (adjacent to the Trafford Centre) has unveiled its biggest exhibition, Tutankhamun – His Tomb and His Treasures, and is about to launch a series of family fun days.

The exhibition features over 1000 replicas of the treasures discovered in the tomb of the famous Pharaoh, recreating the splendour of the chamber as discovered by Howard Carter.  It’s an interesting approach from a visitor perspective because the replica objects are seen ‘in situ’. This is something that cannot even experienced in the Valley of the Kings, because the treasures have been removed and are safely stored in Cairo Museum. Read more…

A superstar visits

16 September 2010 by Dawn

Andrew is pictured with Burne Jones' Tree of Forgiveness

Andrew Lloyd Webber visited the Lady Lever Art Gallery and the Walker this week in pursuit of his passion for Victorian art. The man who brought us Evita, The Phantom of the Opera and a host of other hit shows that have filled theatres for decades, first called into Port Sunlight with the TV crew.

Art collector Andrew focused on The Scapegoat by Holman Hunt for the cameras and also paused by The Tree of Forgiveness by Burne-Jones. Next morning he was at the Walker where he talked about Lorenzo and Isabella by Millais. Read more…

Dan Brown clue leads to Lady Lever competition

20 August 2010 by Dawn

A selection of Dan Brown books, CD and Durer leaflets

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

Readers of Dan Brown, famous for the blockbuster novel and movie, ‘The Da Vinci Code’, will know that his most recent art linked tale, ‘The Lost Symbol’ delves into the hidden world of Masonic secrets and legends.

I was intrigued to hear that secret messages and symbols in Albrecht Dürer’s ‘Melancholia I’ play a key role in the elaborate plot which sees Robert Langdon decipher a number of clues. The intricate engraving is currently on show at the Lady Lever Art Gallery as part of the Dürer & Italy exhibition. Read more…

Ancient Egyptian Adventure

9 November 2009 by Dawn


 Our intrepid explorers prepare to enter the pyramid tomb

The public fascination with Ancient Egypt never seems to wane, as the opening of Howard Carter’s house as a museum in Egypt testifies. The British archaeologist’s most famous discovery was the tomb of the pharaoh Tutankhamun, and the house has been opened due to popular demand. A trip to Egypt is a little out of my reach at the moment, but I did recently have a little taste of the excitement an explorer might undoubtedly feel on entering an undisturbed ancient tomb to unravel its secrets and mysteries. Read more…

Can’t buy me love

11 September 2009 by Dawn

Money can’t buy love but who cares when you can go out any buy the latest line of Beatle merchandise. Beatlemania is back and this time it means business – big business!  Remastered versions of each of the albums have been released and are expected to dominate the charts for the next few weeks. And there’s two enviable box sets – one limited edition remastered in mono, the other in stereo.They were released on 09.09.09 – most auspicious because of John’s obsession with the number 9.  Read more…

Rising to the Challenge

27 August 2009 by Dawn

Saturday’s Carnegie Challenge Cup is certainly going to be different. For the first time since the 1986 final between Castleford and Hull, none of the ‘big four’ – Leeds, Bradford, Wigan and  St Helens – will be going Wembley. That privilege will be enjoyed instead by Huddersfield Giants and Warrington Wolves along with coach loads of their thirsty fans. 

A portrait shot of man looking upwards and holding a rugby ball

Ellery Hanley – a rugby league legend. Photograph by John Ferguson ©

I, for one, am relieved. Not only is it great for the game to share the silverware but we also have a family wedding on Saturday and a congregation made up of Wigan and Saints fans who would no doubt spend the day with their eyes on the score instead of the bride (and I include the groom in that). So hats off to Huddersfield, and the best of luck to Warrington who will be flying the rugby league flag for the region – it’s going to be a rip-roarer! Read more…

A Les Paul called Lucy

14 August 2009 by Dawn

A guitar shaped cut-out in an exhibition wall

I wanted to write something in tribute to Les Paul who died yesterday at the age of 94. Les Paul was a jazz musician who persuaded guitar maker Gibson to create a solid-bodied electric guitar. He’d already cobbled together such a guitar from a railway sleeper and a couple of pick-ups, but when Gibson refined ‘The Log’, the Gibson Les Paul was born. The Gibson Les Paul is an iconic guitar played by some of the most innovative rock guitarists the world has ever seen. Pete Townsend, Jimmy Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Slash to name but a few. 

I visited The Beat Goes On exhibition at World Museum to see if any trace of Les Paul’s influence could be found, and although there aren’t any Les Pauls in the exhibition I did find this rather familiar walk-through! (I should mention there are several other splendid guitars such as Will Sergeant’s customised Telecaster and one owned by Billy Fury). Perhaps I should have also looked in the recording section because Les Paul also developed revolutionary multi-tracking techniques, but that is another story. Read more…

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