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Lusitania and the world crisis

10 June 2015 by Sam Vaux

Two leaders standing side by side

Germany’s Kaiser Wilhelm II and England’s Winston Churchill together before the outbreak of war. © Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division/J Kent Layton Collection

This is the sixth blog post in a series by J Kent Layton, maritime historian and author of ‘Lusitania: an illustrated biography’, to accompany the exhibition Lusitania: life, loss, legacy at Merseyside Maritime Museum:

“On 28 June 1914 the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and his wife were assassinated in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Very few people in the world had ever heard of this unfortunate couple, nor could they possibly have imagined what would soon result from the crime.  The problem was that all of Europe had for years been divided into two armed camps. Several times incidents had threatened to become all-out European war, but each time the peril had been averted—sometimes by only a narrow margin. Read more…

Lusitania: an engineering triumph

15 May 2015 by Sam Vaux

Ship painting

Contrary to popular opinion, the decision in favor of turbines on the Lusitania and Mauretania had nothing to do with the success of the Carmania over her sister Caronia, pictured here. (J. Kent Layton Collection)

This blog post is the second in a series written by maritime historian and author J Kent Layton, the author of ‘Lusitania: an illustrated biography’, to accompany the exhibition Lusitania: life, loss, legacy:

“In order to propel the Lusitania at an unprecedented 25 knots, it was clear that something unique was going to be required in the design of her powerplant. Read more…

Success at Tourism Awards

15 June 2012 by Sam Vaux

people holding an award

Left to right: Sam Vaux, Marketing Officer (Museum of Liverpool) with colleagues Tracey McGeagh, Director of Marketing and Communications, Janet Dugdale, Director of Museum of Liverpool, Lucy Cattell, Media Officer (Museum of Liverpool) with the Tourism Marketing Initiative of the Year award presented by PR & Marketing Manager Linda Kelly from sponsors SK Events & PR. Image (c) Ant Clausen

We were very excited this morning to return triumphant from last night’s fantastic 2012 Liverpool City Region Annual Tourism Awards, where we walked away with no less than three awards!

More than 400 guests joined the celebrations to recognise quality and excellence during a black tie ceremony hosted by local TV personality Terri Dwyer at the BT Convention Centre.

It was a glittering evening organised by the Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership with singing from Rare Liverpool, a dramatic opening of jaw dropping acrobatics from the Airborn Academy and The Beatles’ greatest hits from a local tribute band.

The first award we won was for the coveted Tourism Marketing Initiative of the Year Award for the Museum of Liverpool opening campaign. The second success of the night was winning the Tourism Event of the Year award for the Museum of Liverpool People’s Opening and finally NML Trading won the award for Excellence in Business Tourism. It was a huge team effort so congratulations to everyone! Read more…

Sign of the times: Museum of Liverpool update

14 January 2009 by Sam Vaux

Photo of crowds in front of the Museum of Liverpool at Transition: The People's Celebration

Image courtesy of Liverpool City Council – Transition: The People’s Celebration.Thousands sing chorus to George Harrison’s ‘Here Comes The Sun’

In the lead up to Christmas and the New Year, as Marketing Officer for the Museum of Liverpool I was beavering away to install a huge sign, seen here in the background facing the canal, in time for the staging of Transition: The People’s Celebration to flag up the new Museum of Liverpool to the imminent thousands at the Pier Head. More images can be seen in the Museum of Liverpool flickr group.

This task presented a few challenges, not least due to the cold snap, braved in sub zero temperatures by the painters and sign company who rapidly transformed the white hoarding line to a colourful dark blue and vivid cyan. Read more…

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