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Giant augmented reality plants!

14 August 2013 by Angela

Augmented reality plants at World Museum

‘Augmented reality’ planting in the atrium at World Museum

Here’s an update from Donna Young, our Curator of Herbarium:

Last summer I was approached by artists, Tamiko Thiel and Will Pappenheimer, who were interested in finding out more about William Roscoe and the first Liverpool Botanic Garden. Read more…

The day of the triffids

16 June 2010 by Lisa

Here’s our Curator of Botany, Geraldine Reid, to tell us about a curious new arrival at the botany department…

Person inside an Octopus-like costume

Geraldine morphs into something strange…

Today started like any other and then suddenly a new acquisition arrived in the botany department. It was a costume from the performance piece ‘Grains of Paradise’ created by Adela Jones back in 2008. She used the botanical collections as inspiration for her costumes and piece, which was hosted by the Bluecoat and was part of ‘Fragrant’, which explored Liverpool’s Botanical Collection.

As you can see, after I unwrapped the costume I seemed to end up totally engulfed in it and almost turned into part of a living plant exhibit! I’m not quite sure what species I am meant to resemble, but as we’re celebrating the International Year of Biodiversity in 2010, maybe I’m morphing into a new species down in the basement of world museum… Read more…

Plants under attack!

1 June 2010 by Lisa

Look Out! plant game logo

Click the image to play now!

As you will probably know from the huge inflatable flowers outside the World Museum right now, our fantastic Plantastic! exhibition is still in full swing. If you haven’t already been in to see this huge interactive exhibition then here is a taster to show you how cool it is!

This Look Out! game is in the exhibition, but you can now play it here online as well. So why not waste a few minutes of your day trying to protect a poor plant from being attacked by slithery snails and hungry aphids! Read more…

Bustling with life

3 March 2010 by Lisa

For this week’s blog to celebrate World Museum’s 150th anniversary, Curator of Botany Geraldine Reid is here to tell us how the massive ‘Plantastic!’ exhibition has been going.

Plantastic! definately seems to be fantastic at World Musem! After a rather intense few months of work leading up to the opening it’s great to sit back and see the museum bustling with plant related displays.
Giant purple inflatable flower on a balcony

Giant inflatable flower outside World Museum

However, because of the weather the botany team has not been able to sit back and relax! Every morning and night we need to venture out to put on and take off the frost blanket on the living plants outside the museum, which are arranged to spell out: Plantastic. Our dashing about seems to be keeping our early morning visitors suitably entertained. They’ve been watching as we run up and down with the billowing frost blanket, which takes off in the wind or is sometimes frozen so solid we can’t bend it to pack it away! But it’s worth it if we can keep our Plantastic! flower bed safe from the cold weather that we’ve been experiencing. Read more…

Happy St David’s Day

1 March 2010 by Sam

watercolour illustration of a daffodil

Botanical print of ‘Narcissus jonquilla’

Today is the day to wish people ‘Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant Hapus.’  I learnt all the Welsh I know from ‘Gavin and Stacey’ but am reliably informed that this means ‘Have a tidy St David’s Day’.

You can send Welsh wishes online using our selection of St David’s Day e-cards, featuring items from the collections including the famous painting ‘Salem’ from the Lady Lever Art Gallery and some beautiful botanical prints from the Botany collection at World Museum.

Don’t forget that Mother’s Day and Easter are not far off now. You can find e-cards for both these occasions and more in the VIP zone on the website.

Plantastic! ready to go!

12 February 2010 by Lisa

As part of our celebration of World Museum’s 150th anniversary, this week we are looking at a story that is bang up to date! Seeing as we’ve had quite a few stories from the archives, we thought it would be good to tell you about what you can see at the museum right now.

Here is our Head of Museum Exhibitions, Annie Lord to tell us about the finishing touches for the amazing Plantastic! exhibition opening tomorrow… Read more…

Kicking up a stink!

12 February 2010 by Lisa

There’s a bit of a stink down at World Museum!!

A tall pink flower

Devil’s Tongue

A new arrival to the Liverpool City Councils Parks and Green Spaces plant display at World Museum came in yesterday. The Amorphophallus konjac  – Devil’s Tongue – comes from South-East Asia. The flower emits a scent of rotten meat to attract insects such as flies to pollinate it. The outer part of the flower also bears a close resemblance to rotten meat to help attract insects to it!

If you want to dare take a smell you’ll have to hurry as the flower will only last a few days. Read more…

Green fingers in the World Museum

28 January 2010 by Lisa

I’m not very green fingered (I have accidentally killed a few cacti, it’s true) but luckily we have a number of expert botanists here at the World Museum! This week they got together with staff from the horticulture and botanical team of Liverpool City Council Parks and Greenspaces to create a lovely display in the atrium of the museum.

Here is Donna Young, our Botany Collections Manager, to tell us more about the display:

Plants in a large tub in the museum

The plant display in World Museum

“Plants inspire and sustain us – we depend on them for our food, clothing, shelter, medicine and even the air that we breathe! Liverpool has always had a special relationship with plants and has some of the finest parks and gardens in the world.

The plants in the display are from all over the world and are from Liverpool’s famous living collection which dates back to the opening of the city’s first botanical garden in 1803. Through the 19th century, the garden’s unrivalled collection grew. Plant collectors, exploring new lands, brought back plants of great economic and scientific value. Plants were also sent around the world, including plants for the imperial gardens in Russia. Read more…

Ship Ahoy!

11 August 2009 by Lisa

Rain or shine, getting out on the River Mersey is always a fun trip and Curator of Botany, Geraldine Reid, has taken part in one of this year’s Mersey Ferry Discovery Cruises. Here she is to tell us more about them…

Woman looking through a microscope

Looking at plankton aboard a Mersey ferry. Image courtesy of Jennifer Welch.

Last Friday, with staff from the Clore Natural History Centre and aquarium, I took part in my first Mersey Ferry Discovery Cruise. It was with some trepidation of what to expect on the high seas of the Mersey that I ventured out. The day started over at Seacombe with us getting the plankton nets out and throwing them over the side of the ferry (attached to a long line) to get samples of the water so that we could demonstrate why the estuary is such a haven for birds. These are very fine nets which we pull through the water to catch the microscopic animals (zooplankton) and plants (phytoplankton) that it contains. These tiny organisms are indicators of the health of the estuary. Plankton essentially is anything that cannot swim against the current. Read more…

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