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Congratulations Cara!

9 December 2010 by Laura

We had some exciting news recently from one of the John Moores exhibitors, Cara Nahaul, who has been selected along with two other artists for the Jerwood Painting Fellowship 2011.


Cara’s painting “Somewhere between prayer and agenda”

Born in 1987, Cara is one of this year’s youngest exhibitors and is following in the foot steps of other John Moores artists whose inclusion in the exhibition has proved to be an important stepping stone in their career. One of the best examples being the artist Peter Doig, whose work broke records in 2007 when it sold for £5.7 million, and who has described his John Moores win in 1993 as a “pivotal point”. Read more…

Our Jason

7 December 2010 by Laura

Artist talks to audience in gallery

Jason discusses his colourful and complex painting.

Aaron Eastwood is a final year English student at the University of Liverpool and is currently volunteering with us in the press office. Yesterday he went along to the Walker Art Gallery to catch the last of the John Moores artist talks. Here is what he made of it:

Local artist Jason Thompson’s painting, ‘Refractions (Robert Hooke)’, stands proudly in this year’s John Moores Painting Prize as the first piece made by a National Museums Liverpool employee to be chosen for exhibition! Read more…

New Ged Quinn painting at the Walker

7 December 2010 by Lisa

Painting of a sunsent with a house floating in the sky

The new painting by artist Ged Quinn on loan from a private collection.

If you have been wandering around our 20th century and contemporary gallery recently, you may have noticed that our amazing ‘Liverpool Cityscape’ has disappeared! Don’t worry, it’s just on loan right now for the ‘Ben Johnson: Modern Perspectives’ exhibition at the National Gallery in London.

In the mean time we have an explosion of colour filling the wall, in the form of a new loan. This stunning landscape with quirky details is by Ged Quinn, the Liverpool-born artist and juror for the John Moores Painting Prize 2010. It’s called ‘The Exiled Forever Coming in to Land’ and was painted earlier this year. Ged was inspired by the American landscape artist Frederic Edwin Church and his work called ‘Twighlight in the Wilderness’. Read more…

Exclusive Gary Hume design could be yours…

1 December 2010 by Lisa

Have you seen the flowers on the cover of the Independent newspaper today? This beautiful image has been created by acclaimed artist and John Moores judge, Gary Hume to help raise awarness about World Aids Day. Elton John is involved in editing the paper today and as Gary is one of his favourite artists, it’s no surprise that he asked him to produce a piece of work for the cover.

Gary Hume enamel badge

This little piece of Gary Hume art could be yours!

Gary is also producing a limited edition of 100 prints of the front-page image, signed by the artist and Elton John, on sale for £1,000. But if your pockets are feeling the pinch, you can easily get your own piece of work by Gary Hume in the form of a lovely John Moores 2010 enamel badge! Read more…

Nicholas does the double!

25 November 2010 by Laura

Two men next to painting

(From L to R)Andrew Morris, director of Rathbones with winning artist Nicholas Middleton

Nicholas Middleton has won the John Moores Visitors’ Choice for a second time!

His painting ‘Protest, April 1st 2009’ definitely appealed to a particular mood amongst visitors to the exhibition. As one put it: “He has taken away the decoration and concentrated on the stark financial climate we live in.”

Most however were struck by Nicholas’ technical ability, with one visitor commenting: “The skill, detail and effort in the painting are amazing. To me it is a modern-day equivalent of the old 18th century masters.” Read more…

Painting History

23 November 2010 by Laura

One of the things I love most about the John Moores Painting Prize is the convincing way it demonstrates just how versatile painting is. In its 53 year history it has brought a wildly varied selection of paintings to our attention. It is not just the subject or themes of the images that differ but also the way the artists use the materials and the act of painting itself.

A talk by John Moores exhibitor Sigrid Holmwood last week was a fascinating insight into an artist whose dedication to detail and accuracy goes beyond the usual expectations. Read more…

John Moores catalogue signing session

19 November 2010 by Karen

You might have already seen that on Thursday night (25 November) the 2010 John Moores Painting Prize winner, Keith Coventry, will be discussing his work with previous juror and independent art critic Sacha Craddock.

Both Keith and Sacha have kindly agreed to do a signing session after the event. Keith will signing copies of the JM2010 catalogue, and Sacha will be signing copies of the 2008 exhibition catalogue in which she features as a juror. Catalogues cost £9.95 and £5 respectively. Read more…

Artist Marcus Coates at the Walker Art Gallery- free event

21 October 2010 by Laura

It is that time of year again when the shops are packed with witches and warlock costumes. I for one have shunned mass-produced costumes and favoured a more DIY aesthetic. Over the years I have taken great pride in my costumes, which although a bit rough around the edges, were usually unique and a bit of a conversation-starter. However I have never had the pleasure of going to a party with artist Marcus Coates, who I fear may have a costume wardrobe to outshine my own. Read more…

‘Art gallery closed’ – Save the Arts campaign

13 October 2010 by Lisa

'Art gallery closed' sign hanging on a door knob

The new work by Bob and Roberta Smith

Another new art work has been released this week as part of the Save the Arts campaign. We have been following the campaign on our blog over the last few weeks in the run up to the announcement of cuts later this month. This latest work is by British artist, Bob and Roberta Smith (aka Patrick Brill).

As you can see, the work shows a sign on an art gallery door with the following text:

ADMISSION £17.50 Read more…

Angel of the North loses wing

6 October 2010 by Lisa

Angel of the North statue with wing cut off

The new work by Cornelia Parker.

A new work by Turner Prize nominated artist, Cornelia Parker, has been released today. It is the latest in the series of artworks that have been created specially for the Save the Arts campaign, which we have been following on this blog. You can see the other artworks from the campaign here.

The work shows Antony Gormley’s celebrated Angel of the North with one of its wings lopped off. The caption reads: ‘Why clip the wings of an industry that is soaring? It’s a false economy to cut the arts.’ Read more…

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