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The truth about Griffins…

19 September 2011 by Lisa

Here’s another blog in our run-up to the opening of the ‘Age of the Dinosaur’ exhibition at World Museum. This week our curator and dino-expert Geoff Tresise tells us about a mysterious dinosaur surrounded by myths!


In 1929, an American Museum sent an expedition to the Gobi Desert of Mongolia.  They found the desert floor strewn with dinosaur bones along with nests of their eggs – the first ever found. 

They also solved an age-old mystery. In the 6th century B.C., traders from central Asia came to Greece selling gold.  Gold, they claimed, was plentiful in their homeland but was dangerous to collect.  It was guarded by griffins, fierce animals with the bodies of lions and the heads of giant eagles.  Griffins were said to lay eggs and nest on the ground.  For the next thousand years griffins, shown with eagle’s wings as well as eagle’s heads, were popular subjects in Greek and Roman art. Read more…

Feathered dinosaur or early bird?

12 September 2011 by Lisa

Dinosaur fever is never far away at World Museum. Our curators are currently gearing up for the forthcoming exhibition ‘Age of the Dinosaur’, which will be roaring its way into the building on 22 October.

Here’s one of our curators (and top dino-expert!) Geoff Tresise to give us the lowdown on another dinosaur you can expect to see in the exhibition… 

Archaeopteryx, a bird-like dinosaur

Image courtesy of Natural History Museum

In 1861 a fossil found in Germany caused a sensation.  Named Archaeopteryx, it had the skeleton of a reptile but the wings and feathers of a bird.  It caused a stir – was this one of the ‘missing links’ predicted by Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution?  Richard Owen, who opposed Darwin’s views, nevertheless bought the fossil for London’s Natural History Museum.  A second specimen, found 10 years later, went to a Berlin museum. Read more…

Age of the Dinosaur – danger at sea

9 September 2011 by Lisa

In the run up to the blockbuster exhibition, Age of the Dinosaur, our curator Geoff Tresise is going to tell us some interesting facts about the different species of dinosaurs you will be able to see. This week he tells us about dinosaurs from the deep:

During the Jurassic period, 180 million years ago, England was covered by warm tropical seas.  The fossil remains of the giant reptiles that swam in these seas have made Dorset’s “Dinosaur coast”  famous.  When these fossils were first found, early in the Nineteenth century, scientists wondered if these strange creatures might still be living deep in the world’s oceans.  We now know that these reptiles, along with the land-living dinosaurs, became extinct 65 million years ago. Read more…

Membership News (2)

23 August 2011 by Lucy

Our Fundraising and Membership Officer Matt Dunn writes:

With the Museum of Liverpool now welcoming thousands of people through its doors each day, it’s been a busy and exhilarating time for staff and visitors alike. Along with a team of fantastic, dedicated volunteers, I spent some time at the Museum promoting our membership scheme during the opening week and if you were there, we probably saw you!

We were delighted that people visited our table to sign up as members, and were especially pleased that this included lots of families taking advantage of our special rate of £20. This price includes free, unlimited visits to the upcoming Age of the Dinosaur exhibition at World Museum opening on 22 October, featuring six life-like animatronic dinosaurs! A family ticket will normally cost £14 per visit so it really is a top deal but don’t worry if you missed us – visit our membership page and you can still sign up. Read more…


9 November 2010 by Lisa

Model T-Rex


Have you heard about the T-Rex yet? This fearsome creature will be coming to the World Museum in just a few weeks time! To celebrate we’ll have loads of great dino events for you to enjoy during our Dinomania! weekend.

Here you can see a video of the T-Rex as visitors get up close to this 14ft long beast. It will be roaming around the museum from Thursday 2 – Sunday 5 December, so this is a one off event that you won’t want to miss! Read more…

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