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Dobby arrives at World Museum

6 May 2011 by Lynn

Dobby at World Museum

Dobby, outside World Museum, with Ryan and Holly Harper, who gave Dobby his name

My name is Dobby. I like salt and vinegar crisps. Nom nom! Anyway, I’m not supposed to talk about crisps I don’t think. In fact, I need to tell you something very important. I have come here from a far away land to visit World Museum. Yes, I know! It’s very exciting! In our land, we don’t have museums or art galleries, so it’s a very interesting and strange idea. You have lots of stuff from outside, from all over the world, in your museum. Weird! Read more…

Cargo-a-go-go – the development of the game

18 June 2010 by Sam

cartoon graphic of a seagull and a docker from the Cargo-a-go-go game

A very unusual thing happened during the development of Cargo-a-go-go, the fun new game on the Merseyside Maritime Museum’s website. I was involved in the development of the game and had tested it thoroughly during this process, so when it was first launched my score was  right at the top of the leaderboard. This doesn’t happen to me very often so I was very tempted not to tell anyone else about the game.

The word is out now though and thousands of people have now played Cargo-a-go-go, knocking me of the top spot in the process. Of all those people, I did wonder how many actually realised that the game has its roots firmly in Liverpool’s maritime history, thanks to some very thorough research. Read more…

Plants under attack!

1 June 2010 by Lisa

Look Out! plant game logo

Click the image to play now!

As you will probably know from the huge inflatable flowers outside the World Museum right now, our fantastic Plantastic! exhibition is still in full swing. If you haven’t already been in to see this huge interactive exhibition then here is a taster to show you how cool it is!

This Look Out! game is in the exhibition, but you can now play it here online as well. So why not waste a few minutes of your day trying to protect a poor plant from being attacked by slithery snails and hungry aphids! Read more…

Talking Heads

21 December 2009 by Karen

Screen grab of a gallery shot

It’s those final few work days before Christmas. Mariah Carey has set up camp in your head, your teeth ache from too many Quality Street, and there’s only so much YouTube one brain can take.

Fear not, for glad tidings of great portraits we bring to you and all office kind. Check out our new Talking Heads interactive and see what the people behind the pictures were really like. Hear what Garrick really thought of his director, find out why Napoleon’s on a donkey and meet that purty lady in the red coat. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wish it was Christmas every day!  Read more…

Can’t buy me love

11 September 2009 by Dawn

Money can’t buy love but who cares when you can go out any buy the latest line of Beatle merchandise. Beatlemania is back and this time it means business – big business!  Remastered versions of each of the albums have been released and are expected to dominate the charts for the next few weeks. And there’s two enviable box sets – one limited edition remastered in mono, the other in stereo.They were released on 09.09.09 – most auspicious because of John’s obsession with the number 9.  Read more…

VIP Zone – Videos, Interactives, Podcasts and more!

10 July 2009 by Lisa

Across the National Museums Liverpool website, we have loads of great games, e-cards, online-only exhibitions, videos, interactives and podcasts for you to enjoy. And we’ve just launched our new VIP Zone as a hub for all these cool features that really bring our collections and exhibitions to life.

You can watch a video of a Pharaoh talking about life in ancient Egypt or download a talk by curator Pauline Rushton and photographer Francesco Mellina about our Sound and Vision exhibition – photographs of Liverpool music and fashion from 1978-82. Read more…

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