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To Bath and beyond

29 January 2014 by Sam

paintings on display in an exhibition

The two paintings from the Walker Art Gallery, ‘Death and the old man’ on the left and ‘The Girandola’ in the centre of the photo.

National Museums Liverpool handling and transport technician Danny John writes about his recent courier trip:

“The Holburne Museum in Bath is currently hosting the exhibition Joseph Wright of Derby: Bath and Beyond. Two paintings from the Walker Art Gallery’s collection ‘The Girandola’ and ‘Death and the old man’ are on loan to the exhibition, so I travelled to Bath with them as the courier. Read more…

New visitor facilities at the Walker Art Gallery

23 January 2014 by Laura

Moving large painting

Removing Haydon’s ‘Christ Blessing the Little Children’ from the staircase

Visitors to the gallery this week will have noticed the scaffolding on the left-hand staircase. Our handling team have been using this to help them take down the large paintings which hang over the stairs, as we have some exciting building work going on next door. Read more…

The final countdown (2)

20 June 2011 by Alison Cornmell

There’s less than a week to go before Art in Revolution: Liverpool 1911 opens on Friday 24 June at the Walker Art Gallery, and behind the scenes people are working tirelessly to get the exhibition ready.

I popped over for a sneak peak and although it isn’t finished it already looks great. Only two weeks ago it was an empty gallery but now it’s filling up with beautiful paintings, drawings and even textiles.

By the time it’s open to the public there will be work by van Gogh, Matisse, Gauguin and Signac on display, and I’m sure it will look incredible. Read more…

The proper way to hang a painting

11 February 2011 by Alison Cornmell

There’s only a week left before A Collector’s Eye: Cranach to Pissarro opens to the public on Friday 18 February 2011, and the installation is well under way. Yesterday I popped over to the Walker Art Gallery to see how the installation was going.

Now, a couple of weeks ago I was putting up a framed painting in my room. It was quite a complicated affair, and involved lots of shouting and taking ‘time out’ to compose myself.  I thought that if this was the level of commotion one painting can cause, I’d witness something similar at the Walker. Read more…

End of an Era . . . and the Start of Something New

22 December 2010 by Eleanor

Last Friday was a sad day at the National Conservation Centre as the doors closed to visitors for the last time.  However, yesterday brought with it a silver lining, as we relocated our conservation themed event ‘Crystal Magic’ over to the Clore Natural History Centre at World Museum.

The event was buzzing and despite the icy conditions outside, over seventy people attended the afternoon event.  ‘Salty’ our magical crystal growing snowman stole the show, as he busied away growing snow-like crystals.  He even let us borrow a few to look at more closely.  With our video microscope having also made the transition from the National Conservation Centre over to World Museum, we were able to examine crystals up close and discovered all kinds of beautiful colours, shapes and patterns. Read more…

A night out for the collections

16 February 2010 by Sam

marble sculpture wrapped in bubble wrap

The goddess Athena wore an unusual bubblewrap outfit to the dinner

Last week a special fundraising dinner was held at the Museum of Liverpool, giving guests a unique preview of the interior space before any of the displays are installed.

The evening was also attended by a goddess, several penguins, a few vehicles, some works of art and a whole flock of superlambananas. These items, which are mainly from National Museums Liverpool’s collections, although the superlambananas were on loan, were put on temporary display for the evening to give a taster of the wide variety of objects that will go on display in the new museum when it opens in 2011.

If you were not lucky enough to attend the dinner itself you can see some great photos from the evening on the Art in Liverpool blog. Read more…

Snow can’t put out the Atlantic Fire

7 January 2010 by Sam

Woman in the snow in front of the Walker Art Gallery

Handling and transport technician Paula at the Walker

Even while it has been snowing outside this week, our staff have been working away behind the scenes inside the Walker Art Gallery to prepare the next exhibition Aubrey Williams: Atlantic Fire. The exhibition of 14 paintings by Guyanese-born artist Aubrey Williams opens on 15 January 2010.

Handling and transport technicians Paula and Paul took some great photos on their way to the Walker in the snow on Tuesday. You can see more in the Moving stories set on Flickr. I hope they had a nice Liverpool fire, or even some central heating, at home to warm them up when they got home from work.
Read more…

A trip to Nottingham with Hockney

12 November 2009 by Sam

photo of a contemporary gallery building

Nottingham Contemporary art gallery – home to the Walker’s Hockney painting for the next few months

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at one of the aspects of the work that our staff are involved in, courtesy of handling and transport technician Paula Frew. This week Paula travelled to Nottingham as a courier to supervise the installation of one of the Walker’s most popular paintings, which has gone out on loan. Here’s what she got up to, in her own words:

“Monday morning at 7.30am I was on the train travelling to Nottingham to act as a courier for the installation of the Walker’s David Hockney painting ‘Peter getting out of Nick’s pool’ by David Hockney, which is on loan to the Nottingham Contemporary art gallery for their Hockney exhibition. The painting had travelled ahead of me, having been collected from the Walker on the Friday by Momart, who handle and transport art works nationally and internationally. Read more…

Our staff have the X factor

10 November 2009 by Sam

man holding a giant cut-out guitar

“Look honey, I shrunk the guitarist!”

As you will probably be aware from reading this blog over the years, there are many unsung heroes in our staff who put in a lot of effort behind the scenes to ensure that our exhibitions and events go off without a hitch. There are lots of examples of the handling and transport team hard at work in the Moving stories set of photos on Flickr.

With all that hard work, it’s good to know that they have some light hearted fun occasionally, as the latest photos show. Their latest major project has been to dismantle the displays from The Beat Goes On exhibition, which closed recently. Handling and transport technician Paul Kelly took the opportunity to become a rock star with a giant guitar prop, while the joiners Jerry and Steve took a ride on a rather realistic 2-dimensional scooter. Read more…

Monumental moves at the Lady Lever

16 September 2009 by Sam

marble sculpture in a wooden box being lifted suspended from a crane

Several statues from the Lady Lever Art Gallery have recently been out on loan to the V&A for the ‘Thomas Hope:Regency Designer’ exhibition. On their return they made a quick pitstop in the sculpture conservation studio, where they were checked and re-waxed before being ready to return to public display.

You can see the sculptures making their way back to the Lady Lever Art Gallery in our Moving stories Flickr set. As you can imagine, moving several large, heavy sculptures without damaging them is quite an operation, which required the combined efforts and specialist skills of the technical services team, sculpture conservators, conservation technologies and the handling and transport technicians, as well as some serious heavy lifting equipment. The good news is that the move was a success and the sculptures are now back on display. Read more…

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