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Mersey training ships

9 April 2015 by Sarah Starkey

Black and white photograph of training ships on the Mersey

Photograph of training ships, Conway and Indefatigable, in the Mersey, 1934 (MAL reference McR/90/18)

There was a great need in the merchant navy for trained men and to satisfy this demand a number of training schools were set up. Several of these were in vessels moored on the Mersey, although those that survived into the late 20th century eventually became shore based. The Maritime Archives and Library holds the records of two training ships, the Conway and the Indefatigable. Read more…

Conway memories

22 March 2010 by Stephen

archive photo of a ship lying at an angle on a rocky shore

The wreck of the Conway. Image courtesy of the Liverpool Daily Post & Echo.

It was 1954 and I was an excited six-year-old on the coach with my parents and brother heading for two weeks’ holiday in an ancient cottage at Llanddona, Anglesey.

As we moved slowly over the Menai Bridge, everyone instinctively looked down. There, on the seaweed covered rocks, was a wrecked galleon just like something out of the hit film of that year, Long John Silver.

The rip-roaring yarn starred Robert “Jim Lad” Newton as the one-legged rogue. The wreck was HMS Conway and the remarkable sight remains vivid – I remember particularly her dark hull and yellow gun ports. Read more…

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