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New Planetarium shows are out of this world!

16 June 2016 by Andrew

New Planetarium shows are out of this world!

New Planetarium shows are out of this world!

World Museum’s Planetarium launches a brand new programme of shows beginning on Monday 20 June.

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World Museum celebrates Tim Peake’s return to Earth

13 June 2016 by Andrew

Major Tim Peake telephones the museum from space!

Major Tim Peake telephones the Museum from space!

After six months floating almost 200 miles above the planet on the International Space Station, Major Tim Peake returns to Earth on Saturday 18 June.

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Tim Peake to call World Museum from the International Space Station!

25 January 2016 by Felicity

Primary school children also celebrated Tim Peake's launch into space at World Museum

Primary school children also celebrated Tim Peake’s launch into space at World Museum

Exciting news just in! World Museum has been selected as the only venue in the UK to host a live educational in-flight call with Tim Peake during his mission on board the International Space Station. Read more…

The Newsround crew join 300 excited school children for blast off!

16 December 2015 by Felicity

Space hats at the ready! 300 children watched the launch live at World Museum

Space hats at the ready! 300 children watched the launch live at World Museum

Yesterday World Museum shared the amazing moment that astronaut Tim Peake blasted off on his journey to the International Space Station with 300 extremely excited Merseyside primary school children!

We were also joined by CBBC’s Newsround crew, which only made the moment more memorable for the children – we had lots of fans of the show in the room! Read more…

Destination Space starts with star gazing

22 October 2015 by Paula

Stargazing at World Museum

Stargazing at World Museum

Jon Marrow, our Senior Education Manager tells us all about the start of Destination Space:

“I can’t wait for our next star gazing evening at World Museum at 6pm this Friday 23 October. It’ll be special because it is the first event of our wonderful new Destination Space programme which celebrates the European Space Agency’s first British astronaut, Tim Peake, going into space. Read more…

The passing of a true British institution

12 December 2012 by Angela

Image of jupiter and earth in the planetarium Here’s John Moran, Education demonstrator at the Planetarium paying tribute to Sir Patrick Moore:

“Sir Patrick Alfred Caldwell Moore CBE, FRS, FRAS to give him his full title sadly passed away last week but he leaves behind a true legacy of not only astronomical knowledge but also of broadcasting over 50 years to which I am personally very grateful. The Sky at Night is the longest continuous show in British television history and is still going strong.  Read more…

How many planets can you see?

5 March 2012 by Lisa

It’s planet-hunting time! Here’s John Moran from the planetarium to tell us what to look out for this month…

Planets in the night sky

Planetary conjunction with Venus and Jupiter. Image courtesy of Peter Vandevelde from the astronomie.be website.

During March there will be more planets on view that you can shake a reflecting telescope at! Even if you have an obstructed view of part of the sky there will still be a planet or two to look at in the part of the sky that you can see.

At around 9pm we will still have Venus shining bright in the extreme west of the sky; in the south there is Jupiter, south-east there is Mars and finally in the east we have Saturn. If that doesn’t get you excited then nothing will. It’s at times like this that I wish I had a telescope with ‘go-to technology’ – just press a button and it finds your target instantly. Plus, you can also hook it up to a laptop. Sounds brill doesn’t it? 

On the 13 March we have a planetary conjunction with Venus and Jupiter. This is when two or more planets come very close together in the sky from our viewpoint, at which point they will be less than the width of a full moon apart. So, if you look through a telescope or binoculars they will be in the same field of view as each other. Try and notice from now on these two planets as they draw ever closer to each other. Read more…

February – celestial gems in the night

17 February 2012 by Lisa

Here’s John Moran, Education Demonstrator at the Planetarium, to tell us what to look out for in the night sky this month.


Orion – image courtesy of NASA.

There are still plenty of easily observable planets for your viewing delight this month. I came out of my house at 7.30pm a few days ago and there were three bright planets which seemed to be set up for anyone who can’t see the whole of the sky. There was Venus in the east, Jupiter directly above and Mars in the west. It doesn’t get much better than that! 

If that’s not enough, then later on we have the appearance of the ringed beauty Saturn which follows behind Mars in the west a few hours later. Me and a few colleagues went up on the fifth floor balcony of the of the museum on Friday 3 February and everything looked perfect. I set up two telescopes to view all of these planets and as soon as I started getting lined up on Venus, the clouds came along and just blanketed everything out!  Read more…

Counting down to the planetarium blast off!

27 January 2012 by Lisa

It’s almost time to re-open the planetarium now that all the refurbishment has been done. Our planetarium staff have been getting to grips with all the new equipment and here’s John Moran from the team to tell us more.

John and Jenny get their hands on the new planetarium equipment.

John and Jenny get their hands on the new planetarium equipment.

Well we’re getting very close to opening day here in the planetarium. We’ll be open again from Monday 30th of January and my colleagues and I are now almost up to speed with operating the new projection equipment.

We have had plenty of opportunity to view what the new projectors are capable of and all I can say is wow! For the time being we won’t have a huge selection of shows, as we are in the process of creating new ones, so we do need our kind visitors to bear with us for a while. But what we have got will blow your socks off.

The first of our new shows will be ‘Chronicle of a journey to earth’. In this show an intergalactic traveller reaches our part of the galaxy looking for somewhere to settle and as he moves towards the sun he examines comets, planets, asteroids and earth. You will be able to follow the traveller’s path and see close up what today’s science has discovered about each of the components of our solar system.

With the new equipment we will also be able to run fantastic live presenter-led shows. We will be able to talk to visitors while we show constellations, the movements of the sun, moon, planets and deep sky objects. We will also be able to show the planets as close or as far away as we like.

We’re looking forward to running shows and seeing what the general public think of their new planetarium. Get ready for blast off folks, its going to be good.

Behind the scenes – planetarium refurbishment

13 January 2012 by Lisa

Work has begun on our wonderful new planetarium! Here’s John Moran from the planetarium to tell us how it’s going so far…

Staff in the planetarium

The refurbishment of the Planetarium is now under way! Standing there watching as this historic part of the museum was being ripped out, which has been a part of my life for 7 years, I couldn’t believe how brutal everything seemed. Our star projector was stripped down to the bear bones and all the wires and connections were pulled out and snipped with wire cutters. I think I actually felt every cut!

But I know that the end result will be worth it. The shelving which surrounds the seats has now been removed, so this makes the Planetarium seem much bigger. When the work is finished it will look as though the dome is actually floating in mid-air. It’s going to be a fantastic experience for visitors! Watch this space for further progress reports. Read more…

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