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Sculptures and inspiration

17 August 2009 by Lisa

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to be allowed to tag along on a shoot of a video interview with internationally acclaimed artist, Emma Rodgers.

I went with our audio visual team to her house on the Wirral, where she has her studio. They needed to film Emma because her work is going to be included in our forthcoming exhibition ‘The Rise of Women Artists’ , which will be at the Walker Art Gallery from 23 October 2009 – 14 March 2010. This video would be used to create one of the interactive displays for visitors to explore in the gallery and also to make video clips for our website. Read more…

More moving stories from the handling and transport team

14 August 2009 by Sam

Two men lifting a large model house

When they handling team say they’re moving houses they usually mean literally!

As I’ve mentioned many times before, there’s never a dull moment for the handling and transport team. Since I last reported on their activities they have safely transported a huge variety of objects from our collections, including ship models, paintings, a stained glass window and some Hindu Gods (well, sculptures of them, anyway). Some have been moved from storage to the conservation studios for treatment and back again, other objects have been gone on or off display and a few have ben loaned to other organisations. Read more…

My hour as a sculpture

10 August 2009 by Sam

Nelson's Column and fountains in Trafalgar Square

My view of Trafalgar Square from the Fourth Plinth

It’s my first day back in work after a short break today, and I feel that I’ve returned with a whole new level of understanding of the works of art that I promote on the blog and website. For while I was off I did more than just DIY and sunbathing. I actually experienced what it feels like to be a work of art myself when I spent an hour on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square as part of Antony Gormley’s One and Other project. One hour, one plinth, one Sam. Read more…

Sculptures captured in charcoal

27 July 2009 by Lisa

Angelica Vanasse is currently pursuing postgraduate studies in MRes Art & Design (Curatorial Practice) at Liverpool John Moores University.  Angelica recently lead a drawing workshop at the Walker Art Gallery and is here to tell us how it went. You can see more photos of the group and their work on Flickr.

Woman sketching a sculpture

Image courtesy of Angelica Vanasse and Robert Flynn

My research involves looking at the role of participants in art galleries, using the gallery as an immersive space for experiencing and interpreting artwork. Using the Walker Art Gallery’s sculpture collection as inspiration, I lead sculpture drawing workshops to explore this concept.

At one session, I gave the group a variety of tools and techniques that they could use during the workshop.  With pencil, graphite, charcoal, conte crayon and a variety of papers, the group spread out in the gallery to begin their creative investigation.  It was fascinating to see the varied ways in which all of the participants were negotiating their drawings.  Read more…

A beautiful mind

22 October 2008 by Lisa

I’d seen the preview photos of the new ‘unfolding’ exhibition at Sudley House, but seeing the sculptures in reality was still quite a surprise! The sheer size of each piece was much bigger than I had imagined, which gave them real impact. Seeing them in situ at the house allowed you to see how they fit in with the building and its rooms. Each sculpture has subtle details that link them to each room – whether this is its furnishings or the original use of the room. At the same time, each piece has been designed to represent different aspects of the mind. 

Below is the ‘Shell’ sculpture that is in the morning room (also known as the study), which you can see has a floral pattern on the inside. This is inspired by the wallpaper that is in this room.

The red pointy creations seen below are laid out on the dining room table of the house.You can see that the darkest shades match the red upholstery on the chairs. Read more…

Edward VII monument on the move

17 June 2008 by Sam

Monument of man on horse strapped to the back of a flat bed lorry, watched by pedestrians

Here’s a sight you don’t see every day when you’re waiting to cross the road! The Edward VII monument returned to Pier Head today after being conserved at the National Conservation Centre’s sculpture studio.

The tall sculpture had to be carefully manoeuvred out of the building then lifted onto the back of a lorry with specialist cranes and equipment, watched by staff, the press and a growing crowd of passers-by. The operation went smoothly, despite a bit of rain. You can see photos of the move on our Edward VII monument Flickr slideshow. Read more…

The other freedom sculpture

9 March 2007 by Karen

Just got this snap of an event that took place at World Museum Liverpool recently. Students and staff from EMTAS (Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Service) worked with artist, Hilary Manuhwa to create this wonderful piece of contemporary stone sculpture representing the theme of ‘freedom’. Hilary uses the shona style of Zimbabwe as his inspiration and showed everyone the traditional skills.  I’m told it was a proper learning experience for everyone involved and that they took a lot of pride in their creation. Read more…

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