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Alive and breeding!

29 September 2015 by Paula

Adult Rainbow Beetle

An adult Snowdon Leaf Beetle

Phase one of the Snowdon Leaf Beetle survey is now complete and, after many hours searching, the team were finally rewarded with an adult Snowdon Leaf Beetle – confirming it is still alive and breeding in the UK!

The Snowdon Leaf Beetle Chrysolina cerealis is probably the rarest of the 291 British species in this group of beetles, which feed on the leaves and seeds of plants. It is also one of only two beetles protected by law in the UK and a permit is needed to even search for it. Read more…

Beauty and the beast – phase two of the Snowdon Leaf Beetle survey.

15 September 2015 by Paula

The study site from above

The study site from above

The entomology survey team returned to Snowdon on Friday 4th September for phase two of the Rainbow Leaf Beetle (Chrysolina cerealis) fieldwork. Tony Hunter, assistant Curator of entomology updates us on the latest search:

“Thankfully the weather was much improved this time, with only thin misty cloud to complain about and we quickly managed to find three larvae feeding on the food plant, Thymus polytrichus (wild Thyme). Read more…

No rainbows but plenty of rain!

25 August 2015 by Paula

Clouds loomed and it started to rain

Clouds loomed and it started to rain

Tony Hunter, assistant Curator of Entomology updates us on the search for the Rainbow Leaf Beetle on Snowdon:

“We left Liverpool on a lovely sunny morning and despite the weather forecast we were hopeful of a fine day, but as we approached Snowdon along the A5 dark clouds loomed and it started to rain. Read more…

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