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By jove! Our members were tickled by tales of Ken Dodd!

4 December 2013 by Sam

Ken Dodd tickling Stephen with a tickling stick

Ken Dodd with photographer Stephen Shakeshaft at the exhibition opening in November

Fundraising and membership officer Sarah Houghton has news of a special event that was held for our members yesterday:

“Members enjoyed a really tattyfilarious event last night at the Museum of Liverpool. It was an evening which tantalised members with a fascinating insight into ‘The King of Knotty Ash’- Ken Dodd, to accompany the great new exhibition By Jove! It’s Ken Dodd! Photographs by Stephen Shakeshaft.

Read more…

Snow shortage of witty captions

22 January 2010 by Sam

photo of 2 boys in a phonebooth covered in snow

Copyright Stephen Shakeshaft

Thanks to everyone who took part in our latest caption competition. This month’s judge – and the photographer who took the photo – Stephen Shakeshaft said he was delighted so many people took the time to send in their entries.

The winner this month, who gets a signed copy of Stephen’s book ‘No Illusions’, is Valerie for her topical caption ‘Doctor Who seems to get younger each time he regenerates‘.

You can see all of the entries by clicking on the Comments on the original blog post. Read more…

January’s caption competition

4 January 2010 by Sam

two children in a phonebooth covered with snow

Copyright Stephen Shakeshaft

Happy New Year everyone! As it’s a brand new year here’s a brand new caption competition to wake your brains up and get you all thinking. This time we’ve chosen a seasonal photo from the fantastic exhibition Liverpool People by Stephen Shakeshaft at the National Conservation Centre. If you haven’t been to see the exhibition yet then you’ve got three weeks before it closes on 24 January 2010.

If you can think of an amusing (and clean, don’t forget) caption for this photo then post it as a comment by the end of the day on Sunday 17 January. The winner will be announced the following week. Read more…

Swept away by your captions

26 November 2009 by Sam

Man with a broom talking to 2 children

Copyright Stephen Shakeshaft

A big thank you to everyone who entered our latest caption competition. Our judge, Stephen Shakeshaft, was so impressed that he couldn’t pick one winner and has very generously awarded a prize of a signed copy of his book ‘No Illusions’ each to three joint winners:

  • Robbie for his entry: ‘Hey kids I’m Liverpools new central defender they call me the sweeper’;
  • Jonathan for ‘I swept your grandmother off her feet and now i see your smiles’ and
  • Stu for ‘Mind your brush for a shilling Mister..?’

You can see all of the entries on the original post for November’s caption competition.

And don’t forget that you can see this photo and more in the exhibition Liverpool People by Stephen Shakeshaft, which is at the National Conservation Centre until 24 January 2010. Stephen will be giving a talk in the exhibition on Wednesday 9 December at 2pm. Read more…

Thanks to Stephen Shakeshaft for the memories

20 November 2009 by Sam

photo of children on bikes watching men leading carthorses down street

Copyright Stephen Shakeshaft

The photographs in the exhibition Liverpool People by Stephen Shakeshaft have struck a real chord with visitors and brought back a lot of memories, as the comments made during reminiscence sessions in the exhibition have proved. Some of these comments have been included with the photos on the exhibition website now, and there are more below.

If you would like to take part in a reminiscence session there are a few more planned, with the next one taking place tomorrow afternoon. Full details are in the exhibition events programme on the website. Read more…

November’s caption competition

9 November 2009 by Sam

Man with a broom talking to 2 children

Copyright Stephen Shakeshaft

It’s competition time again and this month’s picture comes courtesy of the rather wonderful exhibition Liverpool People by Stephen Shakeshaft, which is at the National Conservation Centre until 24 January 2010.

Have a look at this photograph from the exhibition – you can see a larger version on the exhibition website – and see if you can think of an amusing caption for it. Post your entry as a comment (please keep them clean) by the end of the day on Sunday 22 November and the winner will be notified the following week. Read more…

Liverpool people will love this exhibition

18 September 2009 by Sam

As you can probably tell from my blog posts, I’ve been looking forward to the exhibition Liverpool People by Stephen Shakeshaft for months. The good news is that the exhibition is now open. The photographs on display present an honest and affectionate view of the many incredible characters that Stephen has encountered in the city over the last few decades. They are bound to bring back memories for many people, while the anecdotes that accompany them should raise a smile or two. Read more…

Mounting excitement before the next exhibition opens

14 September 2009 by Sam

lady wearing gloves by photographs on a table

Nicky Lewis examining original photographs by Stephen Shakeshaft in the paper conservation studio

In the build up to Liverpool People by Stephen Shakeshaft, which opens in a few days, I have been posting some of the photographs that didn’t quite make it into the exhibition on the blog along with Stephen’s funny and insightful stories behind each one. But I’m sure you’re all dying to know about the pictures that are actually in the exhibition. One person who has seen them already is Nicky Lewis, who has mounted and framed them all ready for display. This included a few original prints, which required extra careful handling as she explains: Read more…

Tales from the touchline

11 September 2009 by Sam

Many people will remember Stephen Shakeshaft’s fantastic football photographs from the Soccer Shots exhibition a few years ago. The good news is that there are some more on show in Liverpool People by Stephen Shakeshaft, which opens a week today. Here’s a picture of the crowds that didn’t quite make it into the exhibition.

Being paid to go to football matches may sound like a dream job, but as Stephen recalls below, life on the touchline was far from easy:

football supporters watching match

Copyright Liverpool Daily Post and Echo

“Football crowds fascinate me, every emotion is on view – jubilation, frustration, anger, despair and a lot worse. Why don’t photographers show excitement on a goal being scored? Because they are watching the aftermath from players and fans, the goal passes them by. Even now I watch football totally emotionless, after 40 years of sitting on the touchline it has taken its toll. Read more…

Stephen Shakeshaft’s memories of Liverpool’s dockers

8 September 2009 by Sam

old photo of smiling dockers wearing flat caps

Dockers. Copyright Stephen Shakeshaft

With just over a week to go until the exhibition ‘Liverpool People by Stephen Shakeshaft‘ opens at the National Conservation Centre, here’s another photo from his archive that didn’t quite make it into the exhibition. Stephen took many photos of the dockers during his career as picture editor and chief photographer of the Liverpool Daily Post and Echo, and remembers that they were real characters:

“They provided the backbone to the city and its commerce. They also provided the material for the jokes of Liverpool comedians. They were very suspicious of a man with a camera. ‘Don’t take my picture, lad – take his – he has his makeup on!’ Whoever sold caps went out of business when the dockers went. Walking around Canada Dock you had to keep your eyes skinned and spend as much time looking up as concentrating on your subject; ‘Watch your ‘ead, lad’. Read more…

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