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Volunteers went WILD! at World Museum

19 May 2010 by volunteer

A few weeks back, during the Easter holidays, our wonderful team of Discovery Volunteers were on hand in the World Cultures Gallery at World Museum.

Each of the 24 youth volunteers underwent thorough training with curatorial and education teams and then put their knowledge to good use on gallery with interesting and engaging handling objects.

Our Discovery Volunteers had a brilliant time meeting with thousands of visitors and chatting to them about unusual objects, including Japanese netsuke and Arctic snow goggles. Volunteers provided information on what the object was used for and also the natural material it had been made from. This interest in natural resources is a key feature to reflect the Wild Wild World programme of events at World Museum to support the International Year of Biodiversity. Read more…

History of World Museum Liverpool

6 May 2010 by Kay C

Thursday 6 May is the day people have been talking about all across Liverpool: it’s the day our public lecture series features the history of World Museum Liverpool.

Liverpool’s Museum – The First 150 Years is the first of three great talks lined up for this afternoon’s session. Presented by our Executive Director of Collections, John Millard, the event starts at 2pm in the Treasure House Theatre, World Museum, and is part of our celebrations in the museum’s 150th anniversary year. Read more…

Something for Thursdays

21 April 2010 by Kay C

Thursday afternoons are never going to be the same again…

I am really excited about our new Spring 2010 Public Lecture Series, which kicks off tomorrow (April 22). It’s being held at the Treasure House Theatre, World Museum, and features a selection of subjects from our museums and galleries’ collections and exhibitions, from archaeology to contemporary slavery.

For the next four Thursdays, our curators will be talking about some of the fascinating things they have researched. Read more…

Wild Wild Handling on the World Cultures Gallery

7 April 2010 by volunteer

volunteers showing objects to visitors

Hello, it’s Claire Olson from the Volunteers team. This is the first official blog post from the Volunteers team, we will be keeping you updated on all the different volunteer activities happening from now on.

We are already well in to the second of three weeks of our Discovery Volunteers Go WILD! project, which links in to our Wild Wild World series of events to celebrate the International Year of Biodiversity.

Our friendly team of 24 volunteers have been eagerly sharing their knowledge with visitors and helping them handle museum objects. In fact, last week alone our volunteers spoke with a staggering 1756 visitors on gallery, and this week looks set to be even busier! Read more…

Go wild with our Discovery Volunteers!

26 March 2010 by Sam

people in the museum and the discovery volunteers logo

For the past month a group of 24 volunteers aged 16-25 have been receiving in-depth training, prior to being let loose on gallery with specially chosen handling objects.

The group have worked with curators and education staff to learn about objects from our World Cultures gallery at World Museum; looking at how they were made and what they were used for. Linking in to our Wild Wild World series of events to celebrate the International Year of Biodiversity, our volunteers also found out about the natural materials each object was made from. The natural resources used are themselves very interesting and include snow goggles made from caribou antler and Japanese netsuke made from vegetable ivory.

Our friendly team of Discovery Volunteers will be in the World Cultures gallery passing on what they have learnt to  visitors from 11am – 4pm each day during the Easter holidays – Monday 29 March to Sunday 18 April.

Why not visit them and find out more. You will have the chance to quiz our volunteers, handle museum objects and even try some of them on!

Discovery Volunteers go wild! is supported by v, the national young volunteers service. You can find out more on the v website and the youth volunteering page of the National Museums Liverpool website. Read more…

Contemporary Tibet in World Museum

26 February 2010 by Lisa

This week we’re looking at a recent aquisition to the World Museum for our 150th anniversary blog series. Here is our Head of Ethnology and Curator of Asia Collections, Emma Martin, to tell us more…

Gold and colourful painting of an antelope

A beautiful example of Tibetan art.

One of World Museum’s first purchases during it’s 150th anniversary is quite an unusual one. World Museum has for many years had a fantastic collection from Tibet, which you can see in the Asia section of the World Cultures gallery.

Most of the objects are 100-200 years old, but in the past month National Museums Liverpool has received funding from Friends of National Museums Liverpool and The Art Fund to buy a group of contemporary Tibetan artworks. This group of 12 artworks is the first to be collected by a museum in the UK and is an interesting new area of collecting for Liverpool. Read more…

Ga Ga over DaDaFest at the World Museum!

26 November 2009 by Lisa

Curator giving a gallery talk

Curator Ashley Cooke gives a tour of the Ancient Egypt gallery with BSL interpretation.

Here’s Treasure House Theatre Co-Ordinator Jo Connor, to tell us about last week’s DaDaFest events at the World Museum!

Last Saturday, the World Museum held a number of inclusive events as part of DaDaFest 2009. Led by Treasure House Theatre demonstrator Paul Netterfield, visitors enjoyed an afternoon of events based on the World Cultures gallery.

The aim was to provide accessible events for visitors from the local deaf and disabled communities and their families. It included a new show from our adult drama group volunteers. The show followed Dr Huw (Dr Who, get it?) as he visited the World Museum to discover more about Earth’s various cultures both past and present. He explored the Egyptian and Ethnographical collections and their collectors. Actors from the group also played the parts of the various collectors who had contributed their objects to the museum in its 150 year history.

Our curators also got involved, with Oceania collections curator Lynne Heidi Stumpe, helping out with research and leading one of the tours. Curator of Ancient Egyptian collections Ashley Cooke, also led a fascinating tour around the Ancient Egypt gallery. We were also lucky to have a number of volunteers who helped out on the day, handing out programmes and creating the background for the show amongst many other things. Read more…

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