Peter Doig, ‘Blotter’ and the John Moores prize

28 January 2008 by Billy

Painting of a winter scene showing a male figure in blue coat standing alone on a frozen lake.

Image copyright of the artist

Ahead of the comprehensive Peter Doig exhibition at Tate Britain  (5 February – 27 April 2008), yesterday’s Observer carried a great interview by Tim Adams with the artist.

When his ‘White Canoe’ sold for £5.7m last year it became the most expensive work ever sold by a European living artist, but his first big break was winning our John Moores prize in 1993 with ‘Blotter‘.

Doig discusses ‘Blotter’ in Saturday’s interview, including an interesting explanation of the painting’s title. The deadline to register for this September’s John Moores 25 is 15 February 2008.

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